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Our mat game is so strong and thickly padded, you’ll be flowing, jumping, and rocking out on our mats for years.

OMGI Cork Anti-Slip Yoga Mat

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Custom Branded Cork Yoga Mats
Custom Anti-Slip Cork Yoga Mats

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The Yoga Van, Sonoma County

We're all about that base

When we sought out to add a durable rubber base to our first prototype yoga mat, we quickly learned that the high demand for “natural rubber” has caused rubber plantations to pop up all over the world, causing deforestation and destroying habitats. We were devastated. So we had to do better. 

The base in all our yoga and workout mats are made with recycled tire rubber. The process of tire pyrolysis in our production facility to break down and repurpose the rubber is a clean operation with minimal emissions and wastes, and makes it an even stronger and more resilient material.

Cork game strong

Our cork blocks are 100% cork filled and dense! Measuring out at 4 inches thick with rounded edges for a comfy grip, our CorkBloc is the go to prop favorite for yoga studios. 

Customizable with engraved branding.

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