10 Toughest Group Fitness Classes for Men

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As the fitness industry evolves, group fitness classes are becoming increasingly popular for their competitive, communal, and challenging nature. This article presents 10 elite workout classes designed to push men to their limits.

1. UFC Gym: Fight Fit

**Description:** A dynamic class combining basic MMA techniques with muscular strength and cardio endurance. It includes bag work, cardio calisthenics, shadow kickboxing, and sprawls.

* Develops a solid core and basic fitness abilities.
* Boosts cardiovascular and muscular strength.
* Recommended for men seeking a challenging cardio workout complementing their weight training regimen.

2. Swerve Fitness

**Description:** Interval-based rhythm rides in 45- or 60-minute sessions. Teams work to achieve specific goals, while individuals are motivated to push themselves through sprints and hills.

* Scorches calories and burns fat.
* Combines cardio and strength, improving endurance and joint stability.
* Provides real-time metrics to track progress and encourage accountability.

3. CorePower Yoga: Yoga Sculpt

**Description:** A total-body workout that seamlessly blends yoga, weightlifting, cardio, and core strengthening. Performed in a heated room, it includes traditional yoga flows, strength-training exercises, and cardio bursts.

* Enhances muscular and cardio endurance.
* Reduces imbalances and injury risk.
* Improves joint stability and mobility.
* Promotes mental well-being and stress reduction.

4. Tone House

**Description:** An extreme, team-oriented fitness studio aimed at boosting athleticism, cardiovascular fitness, and conditioning. Workouts are divided by body part and incorporate sprints, rowing, sled pushing, and functional movements.

* Develops strength, explosiveness, and muscular endurance.
* Improves overall fitness and helps burn body fat.
* Promotes healthy competition and team support.

5. EverybodyFights: Trainx360

**Description:** An interval-based circuit class that combines strength, cardio, and boxing components. Exercises include rowing, cycling, suspension training, free weights, and turf exercises.

* Improves cardiovascular endurance and calorie burn.
* Introduces exciting and new techniques like boxing.
* Adaptable to various fitness levels and goals.

6. Life Time Athletic: Team Alpha

**Description:** This class steps outside of the ordinary routine by incorporating Olympic lifting, strength training, and athletic movements. It provides personalized attention and guidance for mastering basic and advanced lifts.

* Enhances strength, cardiovascular fitness, and muscle endurance.
* Improves flexibility and mobility.
* Suitable for endurance athletes seeking cross-training or those aiming to boost strength and muscle mass.

7. Barry’s Bootcamp

**Description:** High-intensity interval classes that feature a combination of treadmill and floor work. Participants use free weights, resistance bands, and other equipment for both cardio and strength training.

* Burns calories and triggers an afterburn effect.
* Tones and sculpts the body efficiently.
* Adaptable to different ages and fitness levels.

8. SLT

**Description:** A 50-minute strength training pilates workout performed on a Megaformer. It utilizes counter resistance, dumbbells, and bodyweight moves to activate slow-twitch muscle fibers.

* Targets muscles previously unknown.
* Provides a full-body workout that strengthens, sculpts, and improves functional abilities.
* Enhances flexibility, core stabilization, strength, and cardiovascular capacity.

9. Mile High Run Club: High 45

**Description:** Endurance classes that focus exclusively on running. They utilize interval-based training, including tempo, speed, and hill work, both on treadmills and on the floor.

* Enhances speed, strength, and endurance.
* Provides a high caloric burn and promotes mental health.
* Suitable for new and experienced runners, as well as those training for races.

10. Orangetheory Fitness

**Description:** 60-minute interval training classes that incorporate treadmills, WaterRowers, and floor work with various equipment. Intensity is monitored based on heart rate and class progress.

* Improves endurance and body composition.
* Builds fat-free mass and reduces body fat.
* Creates a unique and varied workout experience to prevent stagnation and accelerate results.

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