14 Proven Benefits of Yoga

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14 Proven Benefits of Yoga

Improved Respiratory Function

Practicing yoga can help reduce the impact of asthma. A 2016 study found that yoga helped one-third of study participants with mild to moderate asthma.

Enhanced Cognitive Function

Older adults who practiced hatha yoga for eight weeks showed improved cognitive function compared to those who simply stretched and toned. By combining focused breathing with asanas, hatha yoga may improve the body’s response to stress.

Reduced Arthritis Pain

Individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis experienced a 20% reduction in pain after eight weeks of regular yoga classes. Yoga may be particularly beneficial for people with arthritis due to its combination of physical activity and stress management.

Stress Regulation

Older adults who practiced yoga regularly for eight weeks reported feeling less stressed, supported by salivary cortisol tests. Even a single yoga class has been shown to have a calming effect, as middle-aged women in a 2017 study secreted lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) after 90 minutes of yoga.

Enhanced Sexual Function

Yoga may improve sexual function in both men and women. A 2010 study found that men experienced improvements in all areas of sexual functioning after 12 weeks of yoga, including desire, performance, and confidence. Another study conducted the same year suggested that yoga improved various aspects of sexual function in women, including arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction.

Alleviated Chronic Back Pain

A 2017 study review identified yoga as one of the most effective exercises for alleviating chronic back pain. Another study in 2011 found that women with ongoing backaches improved their symptoms after 12 weeks of viniyoga, a type of yoga that incorporates personalized modifications.

Reduced Inflammation

Researchers at UCLA conducted two studies in 2012 that demonstrated that just 12 minutes of Kirtan Kriya meditation (involving chanting and finger poses) daily for eight weeks helped reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response. This is significant considering the link between inflammation levels and major diseases.

Weight Loss Support

Yoga may assist with weight loss, although this benefit is not explicitly supported by the provided text.

Eased Neck Pain

A small European study found that adults who took lyengar yoga classes for 10 weeks experienced a significant reduction in localized neck pain. Yoga may reduce stress-related muscle tension and modify pain perception.

Reduced Doctor Visits

A year-long relaxation program involving meditation, yoga, and prayer led to a 43% reduction in doctor visits among participants, according to a 2015 study from Massachusetts General Hospital. Yoga and meditation may help mitigate physical and psychological stresses that can exacerbate medical conditions.

Improved Urinary Health

A small group of women with urinary incontinence reported a 70% reduction in leaks after taking yoga classes designed to improve pelvic health. Yoga may reduce abdominal pressure and improve bladder control.

Enhanced Pregnancy Outcomes

Prenatal yoga practiced twice a week for 20 weeks has been shown to reduce stress and boost the immune system in expectant mothers. Research in 2016 also suggested that pregnant women experience less stress immediately after an individual yoga session.

Improved Quality of Life with AFib

Adults with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AFib) who practiced yoga for 12 weeks experienced improvements in their physical and mental well-being. Yoga may provide individuals with a sense of self-control over their symptoms.

Support for Prostate Cancer Patients

Exercise in general can benefit men with prostate cancer, while yoga specifically has been found to alleviate common side effects of radiation therapy and enhance well-being.

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