15-Minute Mobility and Yoga Sequence for Loosening Tight Hip Flexors

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Regular desk work can lead to tight hip flexors, increasing the risk of injuries, pain, and limited mobility. This article presents a 15-minute mobility and yoga sequence designed to alleviate hip flexor discomfort, as demonstrated by yoga teacher and former gymnast, Shona Vertue.

Benefits of Hip Flexor Stretching

Recent research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggests that stretching hip flexors can enhance balance and athletic performance. Unlike other muscle groups that may suffer performance declines when stretched, hip flexor stretching appears to have beneficial effects.

Equipment Required

* Resistance band (or a towel tied in a loop)
* Yoga blocks or chairs (optional)

Stretching Sequence

Vertue guides viewers through a sequence of exercises designed to stretch and strengthen hip flexors.

  • Hollow Body Hold
  • Hip Flexor Strength Work
  • Glute Activation
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Lizard Pose
  • Lizard Pose Dynamic Stretch
  • Pigeon Pose for the Hip Flexors
  • Pigeon Pose PAILs
  • Pigeon Pose RAILs
  • Yoga Lunge with a Side Reach
  • Hamstring Stretch

Importance of Stretching

Experts in the fitness industry emphasize the significance of stretching for overall health and well-being. Joe Wicks emphasizes its role in preventing pain and maintaining joint mobility as we age. Regular stretching has also been observed to improve strength and performance in other activities, such as running.


Incorporating this 15-minute mobility and yoga sequence into your routine can effectively alleviate hip flexor discomfort, enhance mobility, and support overall well-being. Remember, stretching is an essential aspect of a balanced fitness regimen and can contribute to improved longevity and a pain-free lifestyle.

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