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## Innovative Yoga Classes Tailored for Diverse Abilities

By Anya Montgomery

**Colombian Leisure and Culture Association (CLCA)** announces the launch of novel yoga classes led by qualified instructor Corinne Montigny. These classes cater specifically to individuals with physical limitations, ensuring they too can reap the benefits of yoga.

**Yoga on Chair**

This class focuses on improving posture, breath control, and overall relaxation. It is designed for those who may face challenges with traditional mat-based yoga. “The goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities,” emphasizes Montigny.

**Expanded Class Schedule**

In addition to her yoga on chair classes, Montigny has introduced new time slots for her regular yoga sessions:

* Monday at 10:30 AM: Saint-Benoît-des-Ondes Multipurpose Hall
* Wednesday mornings: Omnisports Hall
* Monday evenings from 6:00 PM: Early Childhood Room

**Contact Information**

For more information or to register, interested individuals can contact Montigny via email at [email protected] or by phone at 06 67 82 52 01.

**Fees and Membership**

The annual subscription fee for CLCA’s yoga classes is €270.


Anya Montgomery is a renowned yoga instructor and health advocate. With over a decade of experience, she specializes in teaching yoga to individuals with diverse abilities. Combining her passion for yoga with her background in physical therapy, Montgomery strives to make yoga accessible and beneficial to everyone.


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