Advanced Yoga Technology: Dear Kate’s Underlux-Lined Pants Revolutionize Apparel

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Founded in Providence, Rhode Island, Dear Kate has recently established its headquarters in New York City. The company has made waves in the undergarment industry with its innovative yoga pants, designed to eliminate the need for underwear.

Available in three lengths—full, calf, and shorts—Dear Kate’s yoga pants incorporate a patent-pending Underlux fabric lining for discreet protection. This design concept emerged from extensive research conducted by CEO Julie Sygiel and her team, who surveyed over 900 women to gather insights into their preferences, concerns, and desires in workout apparel.

In addition to its groundbreaking yoga pants, Dear Kate is renowned for its stylish and leak-resistant underwear, catering to a wide range of women’s needs.

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Dr. Emily Carter has extensive expertise in the field of fashion technology and a passion for exploring advancements in the garment industry. She is currently a professor at the prestigious Fashion Institute of New York and an active member of the American Fashion Council’s Innovation Committee.

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