Aerial Yoga: A Novel Approach to Fitness and Creativity

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Aerial Yoga: A Unique Fusion of Fitness and Performance

Aerial yoga, an innovative fitness practice, emerged from an unlikely genesis: a car accident. In 2007, Johanna Rubinstein experienced persistent neck pain as a consequence of the collision. Undeterred, she embarked on a journey of exploration, seeking diverse fitness modalities to alleviate her discomfort.

Discovery of Aerial Classes

Rubinstein’s prior experience in martial arts and yoga provided a foundation for her subsequent encounter with aerial classes. Inspired by the aerialists’ gravity-defying feats, she ventured into this novel discipline, captivated by its physical and artistic demands.

“I am inherently driven to challenge myself,” Rubinstein remarked. “I relish the opportunity to learn and expand through diverse activities.”

The Birth of Restorative Aerial Yoga

After a week of aerial classes, Rubinstein experienced a profound transformation. “I was astonished to realize that my neck pain had miraculously vanished,” she exclaimed.

This epiphany spurred her to conceive a novel class that seamlessly intertwined aerial acrobatics with yoga principles. Consulting with medical professionals to ensure its safety, Rubinstein developed a restorative aerial yoga program tailored to both athletes and individuals with sedentary lifestyles.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Rubinstein emphasized the prevalence of neck and shoulder pain among athletes and non-athletes alike. Restorative aerial yoga, she explained, effectively alleviates pain by decompressing the spine.

“It’s akin to visiting a chiropractor,” she elaborated. “Regular practice, whether daily or three times weekly, serves as a proactive maintenance regimen for maintaining optimal bodily health.”

A Family Enterprise

Rubinstein’s passion for aerial arts ignited her family’s enthusiasm. In 2012, she partnered with her sister, Sylvia Rodriguez, to establish their initial studio, named Aerial Art Yoga, in Torrance.

Their brother, Manuel Rodriguez, opened a separate studio in December 2014. Within months, they merged their businesses, forming Aerial Art Flying. The family enterprise thrived until March 2020, when the Lomita studio was forced to close due to the pandemic.

Expansion and Relocation

Despite the challenges, the family remained resilient. Through their involvement with the pop-up museum CheatDayLand, Manuel Rodriguez developed an affinity for Palm Desert. He subsequently acquired a residence in the valley and inaugurated the family’s new studio, Aerial Art Flying, in March 2023.

Currently, the sisters teach at the desert studio while envisioning the establishment of a franchise. Their aspirations include opening a studio in Gardena, Los Angeles County.

Aerial Art Classes for All

Aerial Art Flying offers a diverse range of classes suitable for all skill levels, including specialized programs for children and adults. The studio also provides gentle yoga and flying yoga classes that prioritize stretching and relaxation, catering to those who may be hesitant about aerial acrobatics.

“Our goal is to ensure that everyone feels welcome,” stated Sylvia Rodriguez. “We strive to create an environment where individuals can challenge themselves, discover their potential, and embrace novel experiences.”

Student Perspectives

Luisa Campos, a financial advisor from Palm Springs, attends multiple classes at Aerial Art Flying weekly. She attributes her initial attraction to the studio to a mutual friend who introduced her to Sylvia Rodriguez.

“After my first class, I was captivated,” Campos confessed. “I was drawn to the combination of physicality, artistry, and the supportive atmosphere.”

Campos attributes the studio’s familial atmosphere to the genuine camaraderie among students and instructors. “Everyone is always eager to assist one another, creating a sense of belonging and encouragement,” she remarked.

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