Aerial Yoga and Circus Arts Soar in Popularity at West Lafayette Camp

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By Maria Mallory

Rhonda Nichols, the owner of Studio Soar in West Lafayette, has observed a surge in the demand for aerial yoga, a blend of circus arts, Pilates, and dance. In response, she has expanded her offerings to include a range of activities for children, such as aerial yoga, pole fitness, and circus arts.

Circus Act Camp: A Unique Experience for Young Thrill-Seekers

The Circus Act Camp, a three-hour daily program for children aged 5 to 12, offered a diverse curriculum of circus-related skills. Participants mastered aerial yoga poses, hoop dancing, and stilt walking. The camp culminated in a performance for their parents, showcasing their newfound abilities.

Pole Fitness: A Focus on Strength and Technique

Nichols emphasizes the distinction between pole fitness and pole dancing, highlighting the focus on fitness in the former. Children learn to hold their bodies horizontally on a vertical pole and develop the strength and stamina necessary for proper technique.

Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Fun

According to Nichols and her instructors, children possess an inherent advantage in aerial yoga due to their superior shoulder flexibility and upper body strength relative to their weight. The circus camp provided an opportunity for them to tackle challenging aerial yoga and pole fitness moves. Nichols believes these activities instill confidence and demonstrate the achievability of any goal with determination.

The camp also emphasizes the enjoyment and diversity of fitness activities. Camp participant Mia Beck, who previously engaged in traditional sports like soccer and basketball, now prefers aerial yoga and related activities. Ella Höök, another participant, appreciates the variety of the circus camp, including stilt walking, hula hooping, and face painting.


Nichols attributes the camps’ popularity to their novelty and engagement. She hopes that participants will embrace the joy of fitness, embrace new experiences, and challenge conventional notions of physical activity.


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