Alia Bhatt Demonstrates Full Camel Pose with Yoga Wheel

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Alia Bhatt, a renowned Bollywood actress, has shared a glimpse of her fitness regimen, showcasing a yoga pose that employs a yoga wheel. This pose, known as the full camel pose or paripurna ustrasana, offers a comprehensive stretch for the thorax, abdomen, inguinal region, and thighs.

Technique for Performing the Full Camel Pose with Yoga Wheel

  1. Initiate by massaging the spine using the yoga wheel.
  2. Transition into the hero pose, sitting upright with shins positioned outside the thighs and femurs parallel.
  3. Align knees with hips and point soles of feet upward.
  4. Slide the yoga wheel under the lower to mid-back.
  5. Maintain arm position or reach back to grasp the wheel.
  6. Advanced practitioners may extend their reach to hold the ankles.
  7. If experiencing discomfort in the lower back, release the grip and remain in the supported hero pose.
  8. Gradually rise out of the pose, placing hands on shins.
  9. Pause for several breaths and exhale slowly, returning to the initial position.

Benefits of the Full Camel Pose

  • Stretches the thorax, abdomen, inguinal region, and thighs
  • Enhances lung volume and strengthens the thorax
  • Provides a pure backbend, stretching the spine

To conclude the practice, transition into the child’s pose and reclined spinal twist before assuming savasana.

Disclaimer: This article presents general yoga information and is not intended to provide medical advice. Consult a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional before attempting any poses.

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