Alo Moves 14-Day Power Pilates Challenge: A Comprehensive Guide

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Pilates, a popular fitness practice, has gained significant traction in recent times. Alo Moves, a fitness streaming platform, has launched a 14-Day Power Pilates Challenge, offering an opportunity for individuals to embark on their Pilates journey.

Challenge Details

The challenge, led by renowned instructor Bianca Melas, features a series of 10 classes within a limited timeframe of Jan. 30. Participants who complete the required classes will be eligible for a sweepstakes with a grand prize of $10,000, a complimentary year of Alo Moves membership, and a personalized workout session with Melas.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates offers numerous benefits, including rehabilitation of injuries and the development of comprehensive body strength. Melas’s approach focuses on dynamic movements and calming cues, fostering a connection between mind and body. Additionally, her workouts are challenging yet adaptive, allowing participants to modify based on their abilities.

Bianca Melas, Certified Instructor

Melas holds accreditations in Pilates and clinical naturopathy. Her unique style combines Pilates principles with dance-inspired choreography, creating a dynamic and enjoyable experience. Her classes emphasize the development of strength and endurance without resorting to body-shaming language.

Workout Details

The workouts range from 12-27 minutes in duration, with most classes lasting approximately 20-25 minutes. Participants can choose to stack workouts for an extended session. The recommended equipment includes a Pilates ball, hand weights, ankle weights, and a loop resistance band.

Alo Moves Membership

To access the challenge, individuals must subscribe to Alo Moves. A 60% discount is available for first-year subscriptions, reducing the annual cost to $85 from the regular price of $199 or the monthly subscription of $20. Alternatively, new members can opt for a complimentary seven-day free trial.


The Alo Moves 14-Day Power Pilates Challenge presents an opportunity for individuals to enhance their fitness and potentially win exciting prizes. Melas’s expert guidance provides a comprehensive Pilates experience, catering to various fitness levels and offering a unique blend of physical and mental benefits.

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