Alo’s State-of-the-Art Headquarters: A Lifestyle-Driven Workplace

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## Overview

Alo, renowned for its fitness platform (Alo Moves) and fashion offerings, has established its headquarters in the heart of Beverly Hills at 9830 Wilshire Boulevard. Designed by the esteemed architect I.M. Pei, the four-story edifice is adorned with the iconic Alo logo, making it a striking landmark in the city’s famed “Golden Triangle.”

## The Lobby: A Zen Oasis

Upon entering the headquarters, visitors are greeted by a majestic glass top and a living tree that symbolizes the brand’s essence (Air Land Ocean). The lobby exudes an exclusive club atmosphere, featuring comfortable seating and a marble bar reminiscent of a stylish downtown loft. The cream-colored stone covering the floors and walls creates a tranquil ambiance.

## The Gym: A Workout Haven

Alo’s state-of-the-art gym boasts a wide array of equipment from leading brands such as Hoist Fitness Systems, iRope, Skierg by Concept 2, and Clmbr. It also offers essential machines like glute drives, stair climbers, and ellipticals. This facility enables employees to conveniently pursue their fitness goals.

## The Group Fitness Room: A Hub for Well-being

The group fitness room is an intimate space designed for instructors from Alo Moves to conduct classes ranging from yoga to boxing. It also hosts sound baths and meditation sessions. The room’s walls are adorned with Alo wallpaper and uplifting mantras, creating an inspiring atmosphere for influencers, creators, and media to gather.

## The Biohacker’s Paradise: A Sanctuary for Health and Vitality

The headquarters’ basement is a haven for biohackers and health enthusiasts. It features three Sunlighten red light saunas, renowned for promoting post-workout recovery and skin health. Alongside these, the facility boasts three cold plunge pools at varying temperatures, offering benefits such as energy elevation, mood enhancement, immune system support, pain relief, and sleep improvement. The basement also includes a cryotherapy chamber for injury recovery, weight loss, and inflammation reduction.

## Sustainability and Innovation

Alo’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout the headquarters, with energy-efficient lighting and water-conservation measures implemented. The company also employs a comprehensive recycling program and uses eco-friendly materials in its design.

## The Future of the Corporate Office?

While amenities like gyms have gained traction in recent years, Alo’s headquarters stands apart with its unique combination of amenities and lifestyle-driven approach. However, Co-CEO Danny Harris does not advocate for blanket adoption of the Alo model, recognizing that each business has its own unique needs.

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