Ankita Konwar’s Impressive Yoga Flow for Enhanced Hip Mobility

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Ankita Konwar’s Impressive Yoga Flow for Enhancing Hip Mobility

Ankita Konwar: A Role Model for Fitness Enthusiasts

Fitness enthusiasts are accustomed to the impressive demonstrations of Ankita Konwar and her husband, Milind Soman. September 10, 2022 The couple’s shared passion for physical activity shines through in their hiking expeditions, marathon completions, and yoga practices. Their dedication to maintaining an active lifestyle is evident even during their travels. Konwar’s recent post on Instagram exemplified this commitment, earning praise from her husband and showcasing an effective yoga technique for hip mobility.

Konwar’s Yoga Flow for Enhanced Hip Mobility

In a recent Instagram video, Konwar guided viewers through a yoga flow designed to assess and improve hip mobility. Set against a backdrop of Ladakh’s captivating scenery, Konwar performed the yoga flow with precision. The sequence commenced with Konwar seated cross-legged on a rug, her hands folded gracefully in front of her. She then transitioned into a kneeling position without support, balancing her body on her knees. From this position, Konwar smoothly lowered herself onto the rug and returned to an upright standing posture. This seamless flow of movements not only enhances hip mobility but also activates the core muscles.

Soman’s Admiration for Konwar’s Skill

Konwar’s post received an outpouring of support and admiration, including a heartwarming comment from her husband, Milind Soman. Soman’s enthusiastic “Amazing!!” accompanied by a string of clapping hand emojis, expressed his appreciation for Konwar’s impressive execution of the yoga flow. Other followers echoed Soman’s sentiments, commending Konwar’s abilities and commenting on the effectiveness of the technique.


Ankita Konwar’s yoga flow is a testament to her dedication to fitness and her commitment to sharing her knowledge with others. By practicing this flow, individuals can improve their hip mobility, which is crucial for maintaining overall physical well-being. The benefits of enhanced hip mobility include reduced risk of injury, improved flexibility, and increased range of motion. Konwar’s demonstration serves as an inspiration for fitness enthusiasts and a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their hip mobility.

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