Anna Mishina’s Mysterious Maladies: A Case Study

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From Balinese Amulets to Bladder Woes

While enjoying a holiday in Bali, renowned actress Anna Mishina encountered a perplexing series of medical ailments.

Braceles and Bad Luck

Mishina and her traveling companion, Katya Olos, purchased protective amulet bracelets. However, within an hour, they suffered a moped accident. Mishina humorously inquired about distributing the remaining bracelets to others.

Urinary Tract Infection

To Mishina’s dismay, she awoke the next morning with symptoms consistent with cystitis, a urinary tract infection. “I have cystitis,” she lamented in a social media post.

Background Information

Mishina’s trip to Bali included a reunion with Olos, whom she met on the island. Born in 1989, Mishina graduated from the acting faculty of the Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema, and Television in 2015.

In 2019, she emerged as the victor of the popular dance competition “Dancing with the Stars.” She went on to serve as a judge on the talent show “Ukraine’s Got Talent” in 2021. Most recently, Mishina has hosted the show “I Love Ukraine” on the TЕТ channel.

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