APEPDCL Conference Highlights Crucial Role of Engineers in Power Sector Growth

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Author: Dr. Emily Carter

**Visakhapatnam:** Emphasizing the critical impact of engineers on the advancement of the power industry, K Santosha Rao, Chairman and Managing Director of APEPDCL, addressed attendees at the state-level power diploma engineers association’s conference and diary launch.

“The contributions of engineers to ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply are indispensable,” said Rao. “We acknowledge and applaud the exceptional dedication and professionalism they have demonstrated, particularly during times of adversity.”

Rao highlighted the exemplary service rendered by employees who have gone above and beyond during natural disasters. He expressed confidence that their efforts would be recognized and lauded in the annals of history.

Industry experts also participated in the conference, proposing measures to address pay scale disparities between junior engineers and assistant engineers under the new wage revision. They advocated for equitable treatment and recognition of the valuable contributions of junior engineers.

The event featured a vibrant cultural program showcasing the talents of local artists. The special diary launch ceremony, attended by key APEPDCL officials, celebrated the achievements and future aspirations of the association.

Director (Projects) K Raja Bapaiah, Director B Ramesh Prasad, and General Secretary Subba Rao were among the prominent attendees who graced the occasion.

The APEPDCL conference underscored the vital role of engineers in driving the progress and ensuring the sustainability of the power sector in the region.

Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga

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