Ashtanga Yoga and Coffee Social: A Synergy of Mind, Body and Spirit in Vail

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The Vail Athletic Club and Two Arrows Coffee Co. proudly announce their joint presentation of a special ashtanga yoga practice and subsequent coffee social on Monday, September 3rd. This unique event will celebrate the integral role of yoga in the Vail Valley community and its capacity to foster connection and well-being.

A Shared Passion

Lindsea Stowe, owner of Two Arrows Coffee Co. and a renowned yoga instructor at the Vail Athletic Club, embodies a deep passion for both disciplines. Her expertise in ashtanga yoga, a dynamic and invigorating form of practice, will guide participants through a comprehensive session from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m. at the Vail Athletic Club. Each session is reasonably priced at $15.

Following the transformative yoga experience, attendees are invited to gather at the Wall Street location of Two Arrows Coffee Co. for a coffee social, where discounted beverages will be available. This social environment will provide an opportunity for participants to connect, share insights, and savor the moment in a cozy and convivial setting.

In reflecting on the event, Stowe expressed her enthusiasm: “Ashtanga yoga has always captivated me with its structured and methodical approach. I am eager to guide participants through this choreographed series of postures. The creation of Two Arrows was inspired by a vision of fostering community, and I am thrilled to welcome my fellow yogis to this special event.”

Author: Emily Watson

Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga

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