Ashtanga Yoga in Columbus: Unveiling the Practice and Its Practitioners

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Ashtanga yoga, a highly respected and demanding practice originating in India, has gained significant popularity in Columbus, Ohio. With six reputable yoga studios offering Ashtanga classes, the city has become a hub for this transformative form of yoga.

Benefits and Distinctive Features

Ashtanga yoga offers a unique combination of physical and mental benefits. Known for its rigorous sequences and meditative aspects, it can enhance core strength, burn fat, and promote mindfulness. Additionally, it preserves traditions not commonly found in other yoga styles, such as Sanskrit chanting and observance of new and full moon days.

Studio Variations

Each studio in Columbus approaches Ashtanga yoga with its distinct style. While some focus on aligning postures for injury prevention, others emphasize personalized attention and patient instruction. Additionally, some studios offer Mysore-style self-paced classes, allowing practitioners to progress at their own pace.

Key Studios

Ashtanga Yoga Columbus (AYC)

AYC boasts an impressive team of KPJAYI-authorized teachers, providing students with the opportunity to experience authentic Ashtanga yoga. The studio’s focus on clarity and individualized guidance sets it apart.

Balanced Yoga

Known for its experienced teachers and emphasis on healing, Balanced Yoga offers Ashtanga classes tailored to aligning the body and alleviating pain. The studio’s inviting atmosphere and amenities enhance the practice experience.

Bexley Yoga

This recently opened studio offers a deconstructed Ashtanga class designed to enhance flexibility and hip mobility. Bexley Yoga’s tasteful ambiance provides a welcoming environment.

Grow Yoga

Grow Yoga boasts an experienced teaching staff, including Jane O’Loughlin, known for her inspiring backbend practice, and Anne Weidinger, renowned for her intelligence. While the studio does not offer self-paced Ashtanga classes, students can access them through dual Yoga On High membership.

Love Yoga Flow

Michael Love’s patient and supportive teaching style makes Love Yoga Flow an ideal studio for Ashtanga beginners. The studio’s aesthetically pleasing ambiance contributes to a relaxing and engaging practice experience.

Yoga On High (YoHi)

YoHi’s highly experienced teachers and comprehensive offerings make it a popular destination for Ashtanga practitioners. The studio’s multiple class levels and focus on healthy alignment ensure that students progress at a comfortable pace.

Personal Reflections

Engaging in Ashtanga yoga can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. While it initially posed difficulties, consistent practice led to improved flexibility, a calmer mind, and a deeper understanding of yoga’s transformative potential.


Ashtanga yoga has established a strong presence in Columbus, with each studio offering a unique approach to this revered practice. From self-paced Mysore classes to led sessions, experienced teachers to patient guidance, the city provides a diverse array of options for practitioners of all levels. Whether seeking physical strength, mental clarity, or a holistic approach to well-being, Ashtanga yoga has something to offer everyone.

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