Austin Yoga Studios: A Comprehensive Guide

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Yoga Vida

Established in 1999, Yoga Vida pioneers Austin’s hot yoga scene. Daily vinyasa flow classes transpire in 95-degree studios, aiming to promote detoxification and flexibility. Experienced instructors guide 60- to 75-minute sessions.
  • 3620 Bee Caves Road Ste. A, Austin, TX 78746

Dharma Yoga

Founded by Austin native Keith Kachtick in 2005, Dharma Yoga bridges hatha yoga with Buddhist teachings. Through its practice, the studio seeks to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation. Class offerings span from invigorating vinyasa flow to tranquil hatha nightcaps and serene meditation sessions.
  • 3317 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78723

Sanctuary Yoga

Nestled amidst towering oak trees, Sanctuary Yoga, Austin’s sole nonprofit yoga studio, prioritizes personal growth, empowerment, and metamorphosis through its practice. Each class contributes to Amala Foundation’s youth programs. Classes encompass vinyasa, meditation, substance abuse and trauma recovery, alignment, and more.
  • 1006 S 8th St., Austin, TX 78704

GOGA Goat Yoga

GOGA introduces playful 45-minute vinyasa classes with an adorable twist: baby Nigerian Pygmy Dwarf goats frolic around the studio. The company maintains that the goats alleviate intimidation for yoga beginners and reduce stress levels by evoking laughter and fostering camaraderie. GOGA donates a portion of its proceeds to local nonprofits and disaster relief efforts.
  • 1100 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX

Empowered Acro

Acroyoga seamlessly blends acrobatics with yoga. While it may initially appear daunting, proper instruction enhances balance and coordination. Classes are tailored for all levels, from novices to seasoned practitioners.
  • Various Locations

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