Barre: A Holistic Workout Blending Ballet, Yoga, and Pilates

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Barre, pronounced as ‘bar,’ is a low-impact, full-body workout that harmoniously combines the techniques of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. This engaging workout offers a comprehensive approach to fitness, promoting toned and lean muscles while providing a refreshing break from intense HIIT and boxing sessions.

Barre Studios in Singapore

Various reputable barre studios in Singapore cater to the fitness needs of enthusiasts:

1. Barre Lab

Established by the collaboration of Yoga Lab and Breathe Pilates, Barre Lab offers meticulously choreographed workouts set to captivating music. Each exercise seamlessly integrates Pilates precision, ballet grace, and yoga mindfulness.

2. WeBarre

Founders Linda Lim and Anabel Chew established WeBarre, Singapore’s pioneering boutique barre studio, in a quaint shophouse along Tanjong Pagar Road. Led by Rachael Fraser, a seasoned dancer, Pilates instructor, and barre trainer, WeBarre’s classes encompass ballet, yoga, Pilates, and strength training in various formats, including Fundamentals, Signature, HIIT, and private sessions.

3. Called to the Barre

Called to the Barre masterfully fuses Pilates, yoga, ballet, and functional training to ensure a stimulating and fulfilling workout experience. Their program includes Barre Basics for beginners, Barre Flow for toning, Barre Burn for those seeking an intensive workout, and specialized pre- and post-natal classes for mothers.

4. Upside Motion

Upside Motion’s barre workouts are meticulously designed by Andrea Rogers, a renowned dancer, choreographer, and Pilates instructor. The classes incorporate ballet techniques, Pilates, and strength training. Newcomers are encouraged to participate in their introductory classes before progressing to All Levels and Express formats.

5. Barre2Barre

Barre2Barre’s signature BarreAmped workout delivers an invigorating combination of dance, yoga, and Pilates. Its emphasis on detailed movements and mental connection promotes muscle activation, resulting in rapid lengthening and toning effects. The studio also offers teacher training, wellness retreats, group classes, and private sessions.

6. Wings to Wings

Beyond dance instruction, this CBD studio also provides barre, Zumba, Pilates, and yoga classes. As a natural fusion of ballet and Pilates, barre seamlessly complements the studio’s offerings. Participants can incorporate lunchtime or after-work barre sessions into their busy schedules for a low-impact fitness boost that enhances flexibility and tone.

7. COMO Shambhala Urban Escape

COMO Shambhala’s barre classes expertly blend Pilates, ballet, and athletic conditioning. Their focus on precision and technique ensures optimal results while maintaining a dynamic yet low-impact routine suitable for all fitness levels. The workouts effectively target postural and core muscles, leaving participants energized and invigorated after each session.


Barre, with its unique amalgamation of ballet, yoga, and Pilates techniques, offers a comprehensive workout experience that promotes strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner seeking a low-impact workout, the reputable barre studios in Singapore cater to diverse needs and preferences. Embrace the versatility of barre and witness the transformative effects on your physique and overall fitness journey.

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