Bee Therapy: A Unique Retreat Experience in Scotland

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Bee Therapy: A Unique Retreat Experience in Scotland

Monachyle Mhor Hotel in Scotland has launched the UK’s first ‘bee therapy’ retreat. Apipods — wooden huts with beehives around the exterior — have been popular in Eastern Europe for years. In Ukraine and Slovenia, the scent of honey and vibrations from bees are believed to have healing properties for treating respiratory conditions.

Apipod Experience

Guests can book a 45-minute session to relax or fall asleep on sheepskin-covered beds inside the apipod, situated directly above the hives. The micro-vibrations can be felt in the body, and the scent of honey, propolis, nectar, and pollen fills the air.

Therapeutic Benefits

Bee therapy is believed to have therapeutic benefits for the nervous system and may potentially help individuals with PTSD.

Apipod Location

The Monachyle Mhor Hotel is nestled in a secluded wooded glade. The apipod is surrounded by freshwater lochs and offers a peaceful environment for relaxation.

Pricing and Amenities

Each 45-minute session costs £80 for single use and £120 for two people. Guests receive a basket of fresh lemon balm tea, raw honey, and a snack bar.

Additional Information

The hotel has implemented strict safety measures to ensure the bees do not pose a threat to guests. Bookings for the retreat have been filled through June, the launch month.

  • Author: Emily Carter
  • Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga

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