Between the Binary

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Grappling with Non-Binary Identity in a Binary World

A Disclosure of Struggles with Yoga

Amidst her contemplations regarding top surgery, Sandy Allen faced an unexpected fear: the potential loss of her yoga practice. This concern may seem trivial, given her previous skepticism towards New Age philosophies and her perception of yoga as a target for mockery.

However, despite her skepticism, Allen had found solace in the practice over the past year. It had fostered a transformative relationship with her body, which had been plagued by self-loathing for much of her life.

As her surgery date approached, Allen vacillated between concerns about physical recovery and the potential loss of a newfound source of self-care.

The Legacy of Self-Hatred

Allen’s self-hatred had taken root in childhood, manifesting in a constant barrage of negative thoughts about her body.

This self-criticism extended beyond specific physical features to a pervasive sense of inadequacy and disgust with her entire being. She struggled to escape this cycle of self-loathing, perpetuating it through harmful behaviors and relationships.

The Discovery of Yoga

Amidst her despair, Allen stumbled upon the idea of yoga as a potential path towards self-acceptance. Despite her initial hesitation and discomfort in group settings, she persevered, drawn to the slow and intentional nature of the practice.

Over time, yoga began to guide Allen towards a greater understanding of her body and breath. Gradually, she found herself improving, developing a sense of accomplishment and a growing appreciation for her own physicality.

The Impending Surgery and its Aftermath

As Allen prepared for top surgery, yoga became an essential coping mechanism. It empowered her to push through the physical and emotional challenges associated with the procedure.

After surgery, Allen’s recovery was marked by a renewed sense of resilience and self-reliance. The principles of yoga had equipped her to adapt to the limitations imposed by her condition and to find strength within her vulnerability.

The Transformative Power of Self-Acceptance

Allen’s journey through surgery and recovery has been an ongoing process of redefining her self-image from one of powerlessness to one of power.

Through yoga and her experiences as a non-binary individual, she has come to understand the malleability of identity and the importance of actively choosing self-love.


Allen’s story serves as a testament to the transformative potential of embracing one’s unique identity and seeking out practices that foster self-acceptance.

Yoga, with its emphasis on self-awareness and body positivity, has played a pivotal role in her journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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