Bhakti Yoga Center: A Spiritual Oasis in State College

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Bhakti Yoga Center: A Haven for Mindfulness and Meditation

By Anya Rodriguez


Embracing the ideologies of mindfulness and connection, Bhakti Yoga Center is an oasis in downtown State College where individuals seeking spiritual growth converge. Its name carries profound significance, with “Bhakti” embodying “love and devotion” and “Yoga” representing the “connection or union” experienced through meditation.

According to co-owner Krishnamayi Krysiak, “Bhakti yoga is a process that enables us to establish or re-establish a profound connection with a divine source or an embodiment of love and devotional practices.”

Mantra Meditation: A Path to Inner Focus

The essence of Bhakti Yoga Center revolves around mantra meditation, a practice that engages the mind in concentrated focus through the use of sacred sounds. Co-owner Yasodeva Das illuminates the significance of meditation, stating, “Meditation involves directing our mental energies toward a particular subject. Mantra meditation allows the mind to find an anchor in the vibrations of sound.”

During mantra meditation sessions, the group employs various instruments, while participants actively sing and engage in harmonious movements. One of the prominent mantras recited is “Hare Krishna,” where “Hare” represents the “feminine aspect of the divine” and “Krishna,” the “all-attractive divine essence,” as Das expounds. He further articulates the profound impact of chanting “Hare Krishna,” describing it as “a limitless wellspring of joy and fulfillment.”

Origins and Evolution

Bhakti Yoga Center emerged in September 2021, established by a quartet of individuals. Its roots can be traced to a campus club, initially led by Yasodeva Das, who has been actively involved in the Penn State community and the Vedic Society for several years.

Abdullah Redwan, a senior majoring in business, recalls the club’s previous gatherings, which took place at a significant distance from State College. The club now resides within the center, enabling it to offer complimentary yoga sessions on Tuesdays.

Community Engagement and Inclusivity

Bhakti Yoga Center strives to foster a sense of community by organizing weekly events that cater to diverse interests. Free yoga classes on Tuesdays, coupled with free chanting and meals on Thursdays, create opportunities for spiritual exploration and fellowship. To ensure accessibility, the center maintains affordable rates for yoga classes, offering multiple payment options.

Krysiak underscores the center’s commitment to inclusivity, emphasizing that its offerings are “carefully priced to accommodate students’ budgets.”

Transformative Experiences

Redwan’s personal journey at the center has been one of profound transformation. He credits the community with fostering his detachment from “material distractions” and enhancing his understanding of his purpose. As he embarks on the next chapter of his life, Redwan finds solace and guidance in the center’s spiritual teachings.

Sophia Lamb, a senior majoring in human development and family studies, experienced a similar awakening through her involvement in the center. Inspired by the yoga teacher certification program she was pursuing, she integrated yoga principles into her daily routine. She reflects, “The center has instilled in me an appreciation for yoga beyond its physical aspects. It has become a way of life, promoting mindfulness, intention, and overall well-being.”


Bhakti Yoga Center stands as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment in the heart of State College. Guided by the principles of love, devotion, and mindfulness, it offers a sanctuary for individuals seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves and the divine. Through its mantra meditation practices, yoga classes, and community engagement initiatives, the center empowers individuals to embark on transformative journeys.

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