Biobased TPEs in Yoga Mats: Yoloha’s Sustainable Choice

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Yoloha, a yoga mats and accessories manufacturer based in Charleston, South Carolina, has adopted a custom-tailored thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from Hexpol TPE’s Dryflex Green family of biobased TPEs. This collaboration aligns with Yoloha’s commitment to sustainability and the TPE’s material properties that facilitate efficient production.

Novel Material Properties

The chosen TPE boasts a 55% biobased content, contributing to Yoloha’s sustainability initiatives. Its exceptional melt strength and drawability properties enable seamless production of foamed mats and other extruded materials with consistent foam structures.

Yoloha’s Perspective

According to Chris Willey, Yoloha’s founder, the company has experimented with various foams, including natural rubber, EVA, and PU. However, their exploration led them to TPE foam as the ideal solution due to its balanced blend of support, durability, and weight.

“Our search for a sustainable material partner led us to Hexpol TPE,” Willey says. “We forged a strong partnership and jointly developed a customized material that caters to our specific needs.”

Biobased TPEs: A Sustainable Alternative

The Dryflex Green family of biobased TPEs utilizes renewable resources, such as agricultural by-products rich in carbohydrates (saccharides) derived from sources like grain, sugar beet, and sugar cane. These TPEs offer biobased content levels exceeding 90% (ASTM D 6866) and a wide hardness range (15 Shore A to 60 Shore D).


Yoloha’s partnership with Hexpol TPE exemplifies the growing demand for sustainable materials in the yoga industry. The custom-engineered TPE allows Yoloha to manufacture high-performance yoga mats that meet the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

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