Brazilian-Spanish Tourist Assaulted in India

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Author: Dr. Amelia Brooks

On Friday night, a Brazilian-Spanish tourist and her partner were allegedly victims of a horrific incident while camping in India. The tourist was reportedly gang raped, while her partner was also attacked. Police have apprehended three suspects and are pursuing four others in connection with the crime.

Details of the Incident

  • Location: Dumka, eastern India
  • Time: Approximately 11:00 p.m. local time
  • Victims: A Brazilian-Spanish couple
  • Suspects: Three detained, four at large
The couple, both Spanish citizens, were discovered on the roadside by police. According to local police superintendent Pitamber Singh Kherwar, they appeared to have sustained injuries consistent with an assault.

Investigation and Arrests

Authorities promptly initiated an investigation into the incident. Based on preliminary inquiries, police identified three individuals allegedly involved in the attack and took them into custody. The search for the remaining suspects continues.

Tourism Safety Concerns

The incident has raised concerns regarding the safety of tourists, particularly in remote areas of India. Law enforcement officials are urging travelers to exercise caution and adopt appropriate safety measures when exploring isolated regions.
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