Bryan Kest: The Powerhouse Behind Power Yoga

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Bryan Kest: The Originator

In the 1990s, Bryan Kest revolutionized the yoga landscape by popularizing Power Yoga, a vigorous and physically demanding style that emphasizes fluid transitions between poses. He coined the term “Power Yoga” and released an influential DVD in 1995, inspiring countless yoga teachers and practitioners.

From Troublemaker to Yoga Master

Kest’s path to yoga was unconventional. A Detroit native, he faced challenges in his youth. At age 15, his mother encouraged him to move in with his father, who practiced yoga for his back pain. Kest reluctantly complied and found himself immersed in Ashtanga yoga, a demanding discipline.

He later traveled to India to deepen his practice, often being the sole student of renowned Ashtanga teacher K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore. Despite his early struggles, Kest’s persistence and talent led him to become a respected yoga master.

Power Yoga: Accessible and Effective

Kest’s Power Yoga classes are characterized by their intensity and straightforward instructions. He eschews Sanskrit terminology and focuses on practical guidance, making yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels.

Kest believes that yoga should prioritize mental calmness and stress reduction. He encourages students to cultivate compassion and gratitude both on and off the mat.

Go Yoga Hosts Bryan Kest

Go Yoga, a prominent yoga studio in Columbus, Ohio, is honored to host Bryan Kest for a one-night-only event on Tuesday, March 24, 2015. Kest will lead a dynamic Power Yoga class at their Powell location.

Benefits of Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga

Kest’s Power Yoga offers numerous benefits, including:

– Increased physical strength and flexibility
– Stress reduction and improved mental well-being
– Enhanced self-awareness and mindfulness

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Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Bryan Kest’s transformative Power Yoga. Visit or call (614) 747-5979 to reserve your spot in this exclusive event.

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