BYOM Yoga on the Terrace: A Zen Oasis amidst the Urban Jungle

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Rooftop Retreat

889 Yoga and lululemon athletica once again grace the Thompson Hotel’s rooftop terrace with their celebrated open-air yoga sessions, elevated to new heights this season. The idyllic setting, with Wellington Avenue as its picturesque backdrop, enhances the serene atmosphere of these transformative classes.

Supporting the Community

A portion of the suggested donation benefits the New Leaf Foundation, fostering access to yoga for at-risk youth.

Tranquil Setting

Accessed via the Wildflower Nightclub entrance, the spacious terrace offers ample room for yogis. Amidst the gentle rustling of leaves and the rhythmic hum of streetcars, the instructor’s voice guides participants through an invigorating blend of classic and challenging poses, harmonized by the live percussive rhythms of local musician Rakkatak.

Panoramic Views

Surrounded by towering city structures, the terrace provides a unique juxtaposition of urban energy and peaceful respite. The breathtaking views create an unparalleled backdrop, fostering a sense of balance and tranquility.

Guided Sessions

The hour-long sessions are expertly led by experienced instructors, guiding participants through the postures with clear instructions and modifications for varying skill levels. The atmosphere is inclusive and welcoming, facilitating a sense of growth and well-being.

Mindful Experience

As you transition into the final vinyasa, the music swells, leaving you invigorated and serene. This urban oasis offers a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Practical Details

BYOM Yoga sessions take place each Saturday from 4-5pm until September 3rd. Participants are encouraged to arrive early for optimal positioning and sun protection.

  • Bring your own mat (BYOM).
  • Suggested donation: $2 for New Leaf Foundation.
  • Time: 4-5pm every Saturday until September 3rd.
  • Location: Thompson Hotel’s 3rd floor terrace (access through Wildflower Nightclub).

About 889 Yoga

889 Yoga is a renowned yoga studio dedicated to promoting physical and mental well-being through a diverse range of yoga practices. With locations throughout the city, they offer a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals of all levels.

About lululemon athletica

lululemon athletica is a global leader in athletic apparel and accessories, committed to empowering people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Their products are crafted from premium materials, designed to enhance performance and provide ultimate comfort.

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