Chair Yoga for Multiple Myeloma Warriors

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Chair Yoga Event with Jeff, a Multiple Myeloma Warrior

In our Muscles for Myeloma (Fitness) Chapter event, Jeff, a Multiple Myeloma warrior, led us through a refreshing yoga flow using chairs. Jeff received his diagnosis in August 2018 and underwent treatment at Roswell Park, Buffalo NY, where he had a bone marrow transplant. Seeking relief from back and rib pain, he discovered yoga. He completed his 200 hours of yoga training in July and September 2020 and currently teaches yoga in Hawaii. Jeff is passionate about sharing the positive impact yoga has had on his journey.

Benefits of Chair Yoga

  • Adaptable
  • Suitable for those with mobility limitations
  • Provides additional support
  • Can be practiced for injury management, beginner yogis, and in various settings, such as offices

Chair Yoga for Back Stretches

Chair cat-cow: Sit with spine elongated and feet on floor. Inhale, arch spine and roll shoulders back. Exhale, round spine and tuck chin to chest. Repeat 5-7 breaths.
Chair downward dog: Position chair against a wall for stability. Place hands on chair and step back with feet hip-width apart, arms extended parallel to the floor. Hold.
Chair forward bend: Sit and exhale into a forward bend. Rest hands on the floor if possible and allow head to hang. Hold 5-7 breaths, rising slowly.
Chair pigeon pose: Sit with one ankle resting on the opposite thigh. Align knee with ankle. With each breath, lean forward with chest, keeping back straight. Repeat with the other leg.

Essential Considerations

  • Avoid chairs with wheels for safety.
  • Consider using yoga blocks or a folded mat if height adjustment is necessary.
  • Respect your physical limitations and refrain from holding poses that cause discomfort.
  • Hold poses for 5-7 breaths, taking full and deep inhalations.
  • Chair yoga offers numerous benefits, including injury prevention, core and back strengthening, improved balance and mobility, stress reduction, and immune system enhancement. These advantages are particularly valuable for Multiple Myeloma warriors.

Inspiring Stories

The Muscles for Myeloma Chapter is honored to connect with warriors like Jeff and witness how their active lifestyles empower them to fight strong. Jeff’s dedication to sharing the transformative power of yoga is invaluable to the community. We encourage you to join our Chapter updates to stay informed about upcoming events and support our collective journey.
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