Clumsi Yogi: A New Haven for Yoga and Meditation in East Peoria

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Kelsey Johnson, a licensed yoga teacher, has recently relocated to East Peoria, bringing with her a profound passion for yoga and mindfulness. In July 2021, she opened the doors to Clumsi Yogi, a welcoming studio and shop dedicated to fostering physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Conveniently Located for East Peoria Residents

Clumsi Yogi is situated at 2503 N. Main Street in East Peoria, nestled within a vibrant shopping center. Its prime location provides easy access for residents seeking respite from their daily routines.

Diverse Offerings Beyond Yoga Classes

  • Self-help literature and resources
  • Yoga accessories, including cork blocks, mats, and wheels
  • Tarot card readings and stylish shelves displaying the cards
  • Palo santo, a tropical wood used for spiritual cleansing and relaxation

In addition to offering a variety of yoga classes, Clumsi Yogi caters to individuals seeking self-improvement and spiritual guidance. Its inventory includes an eclectic collection of self-help books and resources that complement the yoga practice.

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