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We're serious about fit and so we're here to give you extra special details on our leggings.

OMGI Yoga creates products that are proprietary - well, we'd like to call them extra special. Why? Because we spent the time to make sure the fit was justttt right. In fact, it took us an astounding 300 different fittings and samples before we found the one that seemed to work the best for most everyone. And because we use specialty fabric that's designed to last and support, you'll love how they feel the moment you put them on - if you pick the right size.

tested and tested and tested

You wear your yoga pants over and over and over again. They should be comfortable, they should fit well, and well, that's what we made sure they did. Our unique sew patterns are comfortable in the more, sensitive areas and the lifts make you look oh so good. But be sure to get the right size. No one likes a pair of pants that are too loose or too tight, right?

OMGIFlex Fibers vs. Lycra vs. Spandex

What you wear matters. So when we decided to create our own fabrics for leggings, we had to make one that was high-performance, wicking, and eco-friendly.

OMGIFlex Fibers are proprietary threaded threads that create the Spandex part of our fabric. While most brands use generic spandex, or Lycra (which, by the way, is a 27 Year Old technology - yikes!) we sourced from leading thread makers, who worked with technical engineers to create a brand new fabric that we call OMGI Pure Fabric. Take look:

OMGIFlex™ Fabrics Lycra® Based Fabrics Generic Spandex
Developed in... 2016 1989 Somewhere around 1932
How old is that? 1 Year Old 28 Years...(and no innovation) 85 Years :O
Holds it's Shape? Yes, 2x more! And it holds its shape, even in accidental warm water washes. I guess it'll do the job. No, not really. And it shrinks like crazy too in warm water.
Smells After Studio? Nope, let's just grab our OMGI's out of the bag. You betcha. Oh please burn it!!!
Stretch Factor There's a lot of this, so you're covered. There's some, but careful, it might become see-through really quick. Stretches a LOT. But lets everyone see everything after one use.
Wicking Technology? Oh yas. And with our OMGIFlex Fibers, you'll cool off even faster. Yes, if you like what the 90's did to hair. Nope, wicking wasn't developed until Lycra® came around.
Anti-microbal So much yes. Kinda. It works, good enough for 1989. Pretty sure vaccines from then don't work now either. No, not at all. You might as well cover yourself in Purell.

*All measurements and comparisons are for reference only, and were tested internally, with a fun spin.

over-the-heel sizing

There are two ways leggings are measured. When rested, or laid flat, you have your standard inseam measurements, which are right here.

XS 00-2 32-36 22½" 24.0" 33" – 34½" 29"
S 2-6 38-40 24½" 26.0" 35" – 36½" 30"
M 6-8 40-42 26½" 28.0" 37" – 38½" 30½"
L 10-14 42-44 29.0" 31½" 38" – 39½" 31"
XL 16-18 44-46 31½" 34.0" 40" – 41½" 31½"

ankle-height sizing

There are two ways leggings are measured. When rested, or laid flat, you have your standard inseam measurements, which are right here.

XS 00-2 32-36 22½" 24.0" 33" – 34½" 25"
S 2-6 38-40 24½" 26.0" 35" – 36½" 26"
M 6-8 40-42 26½" 28.0" 37" – 38½" 26½"
L 10-14 42-44 29.0" 31½" 38" – 39½" 27"
XL 16-18 44-46 31½" 34.0" 40" – 41½" 27½"

capris sizing

There are two ways leggings are measured. When rested, or laid flat, you have your standard inseam measurements, which are right here.

XS 00-2 32-36 22½" 24.0" 33" – 34½" 18"
S 2-6 38-40 24½" 26.0" 35" – 36½" 19"
M 6-8 40-42 26½" 28.0" 37" – 38½" 19½"
L 10-14 42-44 29.0" 31½" 38" – 39½" 20"
XL 16-18 44-46 31½" 34.0" 40" – 41½" 20½"

the inseam feels like...

When put on, they stretch based off the type of fabric. That's what our "Feels like" measurement is - to give you a better idea of how much give there is when you pull. It's not all the way (it can stretch more than that) but let's just call it "recommended use".

Style XS S M L XL
Over-the-Heel 32" 33" 33.5" 34" 34.5"
Ankle-Height 28" 29" 29.5" 30" 30.5"
Capris 20" 21" 21.5" 22" 22.5"

the details of measuring

So you've got an idea of how it's going to fit. Talk to one of our reps by activating our Chat option, or leave us a message if we're not there! We're here to help.

preshrunk for instant action

OMGI Yoga's designers spent a lot of time making sure you get the best experience right away. Almost all of our product is preshrunk and ready to wear. This lets us ensure the quality of the product, the fit, and that nothing is out of place before handing it off to you - so you can enjoy our product, as it was intended.

  • Overview

    CORKPro is a mid-sized yoga mat that brings unmatched grip and thick cushioning, made with sustainable, high-quality natural cork and durable, recycled rubber. Designed, developed, and produced exclusively by OMGI Yoga.

    Standard: 6.4 lbs - 72" x 24" (183cm x61cm) - 0.24" thick (61mm)

    Coming Soon: Extended Length

  • Features

    • Performance - CORKPro's slip-resistant, natural cork top layer reduces fidgeting, isn’t sticky, and makes an effortless transition throughout your vinyasas. And there’s no break-in required! It’s also super easy to clean and wipe down.
    • Stay Flat Corners - With a base made of recycled rubber from old tires that would otherwise sit in a landfill or be burned and an OMGI-Exclusive, weighted edge design, it'll roll out flat, even if it's been rolled up for a while.
    • Naturally Anti-Microbial: OMGI Engineered natural cork mesh top layer is created by Cork Artisans from Portugal, with a proprietary DryMesh weave that allows CORKPro to "breathe" so it'll grip better, clean easier, and dry a lot faster.
    • Truly Eco-Responsible - Being Eco-responsible is more than just a claim of “eco-friendly”, it’s using materials that are recycled, don’t encourage deforestation, and doesn’t use any chemicals like PVC or acids.
    • Optional Yoga Strap - A thick, recycled cotton strap can be added for just $10, great for portability and rolling up your new CORKPro Mat!
    • Designed in Los Angeles - With prints created by local designers, each and every CORKPro has its own unique flare, showcasing your individuality, while supporting artists in Los Angeles.
  • OMGI Promise for Yoga Mats

    Test out your OMGI Mat and fall in love - risk free!

    We proudly hold the OMGI Promise – a 14 day, risk free period for you to try out your new OMGI Mat. We know you'll love them! But if you don't, send it back to us in 14 days of your pants being shipped. Just pay for return shipping. Custom inseam/leggings are ineligible for returns. For complete terms, visit our Returns & Exchanges page.

  • Care for your OMGI Yoga Mat

    To Clean: Wipe down with light soap, warm water and a towel. Machine wash sparingly, under cold water, soap and in a full sized washer that doesn't cram the mat.

    To Store: Roll CORKPro with either side facing outwards. Our StayFlat design keeps the mat flat, regardless of the way you roll.

    To Break In: The CORKPro  surface improves with use. Overtime, your natural hand oils will increase the grip of the mat. Do NOT add oils or use chemicals to the mat.

    To Note: The print on the natural cork surface will rub off gracefully. If it gets on you or your clothes, use cold water and detergent and it'll come right off.

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Favorite mat!

I've had a struggle finding mats that are effective for me since my hands tend to slip A LOT on many types of mats. This mat is not only beautiful but the thickness is perfect and cushioned just enough without sacrificing stability. The cork is perfect for grip and is just a comfortable surface to practice on. Even when it's cold out and I take it out of my car to practice the material warms up quickly. It is a tad narrower and longer than my Lulu or Jade mats but it does not make a difference to me. The customization is awesome too and makes my mat really feel like it is mine.