Colourfest 2023: A Restorative Festival Experience

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Colourfest, a vibrant gathering, aims to provide a serene and uplifting ambiance inspired by yoga’s principles. This unique festival, unlike others, is devoid of intoxicating substances, creating a space for rejuvenation, introspection, and social connection.

World Yoga Festival: A Haven of Learning and Renewal

The World Yoga Festival, anchoring Colourfest, will unfold from July 29th to 31st at the tranquil Beale Park in Lower Basildon. Participants will delve into the depths of yoga, guided by renowned masters. This immersive experience offers a sanctuary for personal growth, holistic well-being, and joyful exploration of the ancient practice.

Additional Highlights

* **Rewilding Initiative in Finland:** Amidst the pressing climate crisis, a commendable initiative in Finland seeks to harness the carbon sequestration potential of boreal forests, fostering positive environmental change.

* **Infrastructure Projects under Scrutiny:** A veteran professor’s extensive research challenges the efficacy of colossal infrastructure projects, highlighting their potential for harm and the need for judicious evaluation prior to implementation.

* **Protecting Bees: A Crucial Research Program:** Recognizing the critical role of bees in our ecosystem, a comprehensive study will investigate the impacts of agrochemicals on these essential pollinators, seeking to safeguard their survival for generations to come.


Colourfest stands as a beacon of conscious connection, inviting attendees to reconnect with themselves, nature, and each other. Its alcohol- and drug-free environment paves the way for a truly restorative and transformative experience, while the World Yoga Festival offers a profound immersion into the art of yoga. This unique gathering encompasses a diverse range of activities, promoting personal growth, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of our planet’s vital species.

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