Community Engagement: Juice Box Yoga and Boxers and Buddies Collaboration

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Juice Box Yoga, a prominent fitness studio in Reno, Nevada, has demonstrated a commitment to community involvement beyond its yoga and fitness offerings. Founder Tanya Bordner actively seeks opportunities to support local non-profit organizations.

Partnership with Boxers and Buddies

One notable partnership is with Boxers and Buddies, a non-profit based in Virginia City dedicated to animal rescue. Together, Juice Box Yoga and Boxers and Buddies have collaborated on initiatives to raise awareness and funds for the organization.

Puppy Yoga Event

In a recent collaboration, the two organizations hosted a “Puppy Yoga” event, which quickly sold out due to its popularity.

Ongoing Support

Despite the sold-out event, Juice Box Yoga continues to support Boxers and Buddies through ongoing initiatives:

  • Raffle prizes with proceeds donated to the organization
  • Foster and adoption opportunities
  • Monetary donations
  • Support through shopping partnerships with Smith’s grocery store and Amazon

Additional Support for Boxers and Buddies

Individuals can further support Boxers and Buddies through additional channels:

  • Quality foster and adoption families
  • Monetary donations
  • Support through regular shopping at Smith’s grocery store, Amazon, and other participating retailers

Social Media Presence

For updates on upcoming events and ways to support Juice Box Yoga and Boxers and Buddies, follow them on social media:

  • Juice Box Yoga: Facebook and Instagram
  • Boxers and Buddies: Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok


Juice Box Yoga’s partnership with Boxers and Buddies exemplifies the positive impact that businesses can have on the community by supporting worthy causes and fostering collaboration. Through their joint efforts, they have raised awareness, provided support, and strengthened the bonds within the Reno community.

Author: Emily Carter

Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga


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