Connect & Sip: A Proposed Café in Old Town, Alexandria

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**By: Emily Stanton**


The Harold family, proprietors of PIES Fitness & Yoga Studio, proposes the establishment of a café adjacent to their current location at 1322 Prince Street in Old Town, Alexandria. The proposed café, tentatively named Connect & Sip, aims to expand the communal atmosphere fostered by their yoga studio and cater to the growing demand for social gathering spaces in the post-pandemic era.


Connect & Sip envisions a welcoming space where patrons can connect over a cup of coffee, tea, or light refreshments. The café will offer a limited menu, featuring pastries, small plates, and CBD products to complement its beverage offerings. The 2,100-square-foot property is designed to accommodate 50 customers indoors and 12 in an outdoor seating area.


While the PIES Fitness & Yoga Studio provides ample space for physical exercise, it lacks a designated area for socializing before or after classes. Connect & Sip will serve as an extension of the studio, creating a more comprehensive and immersive experience for patrons. The café will foster a sense of community and provide a hub for individuals to gather, socialize, and share ideas.

**Location and Timeline**

Connect & Sip will be situated at 1320 Prince Street, adjacent to PIES Fitness & Yoga Studio and across the street from fibre space, a popular yarn and textile shop. The café is scheduled to open in mid-summer of 2023, pending the necessary permitting approvals. Public comments on the permit application were accepted until May 4, 2023.


The Harold family has deep roots in the Old Town community. In October 2022, they reopened PIES Fitness & Yoga Studio after relocating from 33 S. Pickett Street, where they had operated since 2008. The move was necessitated by the loss of their previous lease due to gentrification. The family also launched Daydreamers Oasis, a CBD distribution business, in 2022, and currently offers its products in their yoga studio.


Connect & Sip Café aims to enhance the vitality of the Old Town community by offering a dedicated space for socializing, connecting, and wellness. The café will complement the existing fitness offerings of PIES and provide a welcome respite for residents and visitors.

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