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Yahoo is part of the Yahoo family of brands. We use cookies when you use our sites and apps. We do this to provide our services to you, authenticate users, apply security measures, prevent spam and abuse, and measure your use of our services.

If you click ‘Accept all’, we and our partners (including 241 who are part of the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework) will also use cookies and your personal data, such as IP address, precise location, and browsing and search data, to display personalized ads and content based on interest profiles, measure the effectiveness of personalized ads and content, and develop and improve our products and services.

If you do not want us and our partners to use cookies and personal data for these additional purposes, click ‘Reject all’. If you would like to customize your choices, click ‘Manage privacy settings’. You can change your choices at any time by clicking on the ‘Privacy & cookie settings’ or ‘Privacy dashboard’ links on our sites and apps.

Find out more about how we use your personal data in our privacy policy and cookie policy.

By Author: Theodore Woods

Theodore Woods is a world-renowned expert in the field of online privacy and security. He has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. He is also the author of several books on the topic of online privacy, including “The Privacy Paradox” and “The Future of Privacy”.

In his work, Woods argues that people are increasingly willing to trade their privacy for convenience and that this trend is likely to continue in the future. He also argues that the government and the private sector need to do more to protect people’s privacy.

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