Coping Mechanisms of Trapped Workers in Silkyara-Barkot Tunnel

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Resilience and Adaptation in Challenging Conditions

Dr. Abhishek Sharma, a government-appointed psychiatrist, commends the resilience of the 41 trapped workers. To maintain morale, the workers have devised various strategies, including yoga, regular walks, and engaging in conversations. Notably, Gabbar Singh Negi, the eldest among them, plays a vital role in fostering confidence within the group.

Nutritional and Sanitary Measures

Initially, the workers relied on a limited diet of puffed rice, chana, and dry fruits. However, with the establishment of a 6-inch supply pipe, the administration aims to expand the food supply with bananas, apple slices, dalia, and khichdi. The workers have also designated an area approximately one kilometer from the debris for sanitation purposes.

Communication and Visual Connection

To facilitate communication, the workers will receive mobile phones and chargers in the near future. Additionally, the administration plans to utilize cameras employed in endoscopy to establish a visual connection through the supply pipe.

Water Source and Resourcefulness

The workers are fortunate to have a natural water source within the tunnel. Using containers, they have demonstrated resourcefulness in storing and utilizing this water for drinking and other essential needs. Chlorine tablets have been provided to ensure the safety of the water supply.

Buffer Space and Physical Activity

The 2 km buffer space in which the workers are trapped has been utilized for physical activity. Recently, when government officials from Odisha visited the site, they were informed that the workers had embarked on an extended walk within the tunnel.

Ongoing Support Efforts

Anshu Manish Khalkho, Director of the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, outlines the ongoing support efforts. Food is supplied every half-an-hour, and communication is maintained every 2-3 hours. Officials from various states, relatives, and medical professionals engage with the workers, fostering two-way communication through designated channels.

Environmental Conditions

Despite the confined space, there are no reported issues related to cold temperatures or mosquitoes. Regarding the possibility of bathing or changing clothes, an official acknowledges that these concerns are likely low on the workers’ list of priorities.

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