Creating New Lockdown Routines

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By Sarah Jessica Parker

In recent months, my mornings have taken on a new routine. Having been in one place for most of my time in quarantine, I now find myself back in the city where I can get my kids ready for the day and take my dogs for a walk. It’s been a pleasure to rediscover my neighborhood during this strange time, finding a silver lining in the familiar things that now feel new and different.

On Exercise

My preferred form of exercise is yoga, although I have also grown to love running over the past decade. I practice yoga three times a week and run in between. Running forces me to get outdoors, which I adore. Even with a mask, those moments when I can pull it down and take in my surroundings help me feel connected to the outside world. When I exercise, whether it’s running or yoga, I disconnect from music and technology. That’s part of the appeal.

On What Makes Her Happy

It’s the little things that truly bring me joy. A good night’s sleep makes a world of difference to my mood. I can alter my mood by moving, whether it’s running on a nice day or simply getting outside to start my day. My dogs and my kids bring me immense happiness. Seeing them thrive and be emotionally well-being fills me with joy.

On How She Boosts Her Mood

While everyone may have their individual preferences, I believe that perfume can be a powerful mood enhancer. In my daily life, I don’t typically wear makeup, but when I need a boost, scent is one of the most effective ways to improve my mood. It also evokes a sense of nostalgia for me. When I think of Calvin Klein Eternity, I recall the imagery of the campaigns over the years. I remember being outdoors, by the sea, and becoming a part of that natural rhythm. It’s incredibly invigorating.

On Meditation

I’ve practiced meditation for as long as I’ve practiced yoga, although I’m more consistent with the latter. A good yoga class usually includes a few minutes of meditation. I’m not overly strict about it. I’ve tried more rigid forms of meditation, but they don’t work for me. There are numerous ways to meditate, and I believe that it’s important to avoid the misconception that it requires silence and solitude. In reality, taking a few moments to breathe and connect with your breath is all it takes. There are some helpful apps available, such as Headspace, that can be valuable for many people, including my kids.

On How She Relaxes

I find relaxation through activities like taking a long walk or reading. Reading helps me find my center. I also enjoy cooking. While I’m not a culinary expert, I appreciate the preparation and cleaning process. I prefer activities that require me to focus on the present moment.

On Holistic Treatments

I appreciate various holistic treatments, but I haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in them since the pandemic began. Fortunately, yoga provides a form of massage in and of itself. In the past, I’ve made acupuncture a regular part of my routine and have always enjoyed massages. Additionally, I’m a firm believer in baths. Epsom salt baths, sometimes with added scents, offer a soothing experience. The warmth and ritual of water are incredibly relaxing.

On Her Husband

The most important aspect of a relationship is the ability to laugh with your partner. A sense of lightness is essential. There are numerous other desirable qualities, but I believe that, especially during this time, the ability to maintain a sense of humor is crucial. Eddie and I recognize that we’re in this together and must find ways to make things enjoyable and share laughter. With teenagers now challenging us in unique ways, we truly appreciate the support and partnership we have.

On Traveling

The best advice I ever received was from my mother, who instilled in me a love of travel. She set an example of exploring the world and seeing as much of it as possible. Traveling teaches us not only about ourselves but also about humankind, culture, and our shared similarities and differences. Her inspiration has ensured that travel remains an important part of my life. Before the pandemic, I made it a priority to keep this passion alive, traveling to India until the onset of the virus. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite countries.

On Working with Calvin Klein since 1988

Since the beginning of my partnership with Calvin Klein, I’ve experienced significant personal growth and change. I was just starting out in life at the time, having recently graduated from high school. Since then, I’ve returned to school twice, earning an undergraduate degree and a Master’s in public health, become a mother, married, started a foundation, and written a book. These experiences have enriched my perspective and expanded my understanding of the world.

For the latest Calvin Klein campaign, it was my second time shooting with my husband. Our first shoot included our young children, but this time, we took a vacation together, which was wonderful. It’s still somewhat awkward to shoot a campaign with your everyday partner in front of an audience, but sharing those intimate moments and being able to laugh together is far more enjoyable than working with a stranger.

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