Danica Patrick: Bringing Zen into the Zone with Yoga

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Danica Patrick, a prominent figure in the NASCAR community, has discovered the transformative power of yoga in enhancing her track performance. Patrick credits yoga with fostering her ability to stay focused and maintain calm under pressure.

Incorporating Yoga Techniques on the Track

Patrick utilizes breathing exercises learned from yoga in the cockpit during intense moments of competition. By breathing deeply through her nose and out through her mouth, she effectively lowers her heart rate and reduces stress. This enhanced breathing technique helps her tune out distractions and remain composed behind the wheel.

Origins of Patrick’s Yoga Journey

Patrick’s yoga practice began during her time living in England at the age of 19. Inspired by the growing popularity of yoga, she embarked on an exploration of its principles and techniques. Over the years, yoga has become an integral part of her life and a valuable tool for her professional pursuits.

Yoga: A Shared Activity?

While Patrick and her boyfriend, fellow Sprint Cup rookie Ricky Stenhouse Jr., share many aspects of their lives, yoga is not one of them. Stenhouse has limited experience with yoga and struggles to connect with the meditative aspects of the practice. Despite his reluctance, Patrick remains hopeful that he will embrace yoga in the future.

Tony Stewart’s Health Transformation

Prior to his accident, Patrick witnessed a significant health transformation in her co-owner and teammate, Tony Stewart. Stewart’s commitment to fitness, including yoga and Pilates, had a positive impact on his well-being. Patrick believes that Stewart’s healthy lifestyle will facilitate his recovery and allow him to return to racing with renewed vigor.


Danica Patrick’s incorporation of yoga into her professional life demonstrates the multifaceted benefits of this ancient practice. Yoga has empowered her to stay focused, manage stress, and bring a sense of Zen to the intense world of competitive racing. Patrick’s story serves as an inspiration for athletes and individuals seeking tools to enhance their performance and overall well-being.

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