Data Usage for Enhanced User Experience

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Yahoo, a renowned internet brand, employs cookies to augment its services across websites and applications. These cookies serve the following purposes:

  • Providing seamless access to the platform
  • Ensuring user authentication, safeguarding against illicit activities, and preventing misuse
  • Analyzing user interactions and usage patterns

Upon selecting “Accept All,” Yahoo and its collaborators (comprising 241 entities under the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework) may utilize cookies and gather personal data (e.g., IP address, precise location, web browsing and search history) for the following objectives:

  • Displaying targeted advertisements and content based on user preferences
  • Evaluating the efficacy of personalized content and advertising
  • Enhancing and developing Yahoo’s products and services

Customizing Data Usage

Users wishing to control the usage of cookies and personal data for these purposes may select “Reject All.” Alternatively, “Manage privacy settings” enables users to customize their preferences.

Transparency and Control

Yahoo respects user privacy and provides the ability to modify preferences at any time through the “Privacy & cookie settings” or “Privacy dashboard” links available on its platforms. For further information on data usage and policies, refer to the privacy and cookie policies.

Author: Dr. Emily Carter

Credit and rights: OMG I Yoga

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