DDP Yoga: A Revolutionary Fitness Program

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DDP Yoga, founded by former WCW World Heavyweight champion Diamond Dallas Page, emerged as an innovative approach to fitness, blending yoga with rehabilitation techniques, calisthenics, and resistance exercises.


DDP Yoga incorporates dynamic resistance, isometrics, and isokinetics, resulting in transformative results for individuals such as disabled veteran Arthur, who lost over 100 pounds and regained mobility.

Workout Programs:

DDP Yoga offers a range of workout programs tailored to various fitness levels:

DDP Yoga Combo, Mix, and 1: Beginner to advanced
DDP Yoga 2: Intermediate to advanced
DDP Extreme: Advanced only


While DDP Yoga focuses on physical fitness, it also promotes cardiovascular health, muscle definition, and stamina. Contrary to some misconceptions, it is not primarily intended for mindfulness.

Getting Started:

To initiate DDP Yoga, individuals should locate a certified teacher through the DDP Yoga certification website. Essential equipment includes a yoga mat, water, and a towel.

Diamond Dallas Page:

Diamond Dallas Page, renowned for his wrestling career, suffered a severe spinal disc injury in the late 1990s. Seeking a remedy, he devised DDP Yoga, incorporating his signature hand signal from his wrestling days.

Additional Facts:

– DDP Yoga has played a pivotal role in the recovery of notable wrestlers, including Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall.
– The DDP Yoga Extreme program is highly demanding and suitable only for advanced individuals.
– DDP Yoga encourages a positive mindset and a willingness to push physical boundaries.

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