DDP Yoga: Genesis in a WCW Match

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DDP Yoga’s Genesis: A WCW Match That Changed Everything

Origin Story

Author: Jane Doe
Credit: OMG I Yoga

The genesis of DDP Yoga, the fitness brand founded by WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), can be traced to a pivotal WCW Championship Match, revealed by fellow Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett divulged that DDP devised DDP Yoga as a coping mechanism for the persistent injuries he sustained throughout his wrestling career. Post-retirement, DDP dedicated himself to DDP Yoga and extended its benefits to numerous wrestlers, including Tommaso Ciampa.

WCW’s Ready to Rumble

On his podcast “My World,” Jarrett elaborated on the match that inspired DDP Yoga: the “Ready to Rumble” Triple Cage match at WCW Slamboree 2000, contested for the WCW World Title.

The match featured reigning WCW Champion David Arquette, who had controversially won the title days prior, facing both DDP and Jarrett.

Injury and Revelation

Jarrett recounted the strenuous nature of the match and DDP’s injury during its preparation. “Dallas backed up, and one of his legs dropped straight through the top of the cage, throwing his body out of alignment. He had a match in 24 hours,” Jarrett said.

DDP’s injury became a catalyst for his future endeavors. “DDP Yoga may not have originated from that moment, but it marked a significant step in Dallas’s desire to transform his approach to physical health,” Jarrett explained.

The Final Conflict

Jarrett described the match’s climax, which unfolded in the same arena where Owen Hart had tragically lost his life a year prior.

“Dallas and I climbed to the top of the small cage, where Arquette had already ascended with a guitar,” Jarrett said. “Arquette ultimately chose to strike Dallas, enabling me to secure the victory and the WCW World Title.”

Psychological Complexity

Jarrett acknowledged the psychological complexity of the match, which involved a planned bump off the cage by wrestler Kanyon.

“It seemed like an unnecessary risk in a match with such high stakes,” Jarrett stated. “It could potentially overshadow the finish and detract from the overall storyline.”

Heel Turn and Title Change

The match culminated in a heel turn by Arquette, who assisted Jarrett’s victory by hitting DDP with the guitar. This title change marked one of several during that tumultuous period in WCW’s history.


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