Debunking Falsehoods: Clarifying Truths About Isha Foundation

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Recently, an article by Malavika Menon, published on September 27, 2017, under the title “Meet the Tribal Woman in Coimbatore Who Is Standing Up to Isha Foundation,” presented a biased narrative against Isha Foundation. By weaving together fabricated stories, the article attempted to discredit the foundation’s operations and reputation. This analysis aims to provide a factual and evidence-based rebuttal of the claims made in the article.

Muthamma’s Case

The article alleges that Isha Foundation illegally acquired 44 acres of land designated for the landless poor and denied Muthamma, a tribal woman, her ancestral land. However, records show that Isha Foundation has no involvement with the aforementioned 44 acres. A local investigation confirms the falsity of this land-grabbing narrative.

Furthermore, Muthamma’s claim of illegal construction on wetlands at the Chennai High Court is unfounded. There has been no unlawful construction, and the matter remains sub judice.

Adiyogi Statue and Alleged Illegal Construction

The article falsely asserts that the Adiyogi statue was built without permission. In reality, the 112-foot steel statue was erected with the necessary approvals from The District Collector, Coimbatore, The District Forest Officer, Coimbatore, and BSNL authorities.

The claim that the statue was constructed on wetlands is also false. The revenue divisional officer and the superintendent of police conducted thorough inspections and determined that there were no standing crops or cultivation in the area for several years, making the land suitable for non-agricultural purposes.

Pollution of Noyyal River

The accusation that Isha Foundation pollutes the Noyyal River is baseless. The river flows nowhere near the ashram, and the foundation has not obstructed or contaminated either the Noyyal or the nearby stream. Inspections by multiple government agencies have consistently found no evidence of pollution.

Elephant Corridor

The article’s claim that the ashram is built on an elephant corridor is unsubstantiated. The principal chief conservator of forests has stated that there is no elephant corridor in the area. Officials from the Tamil Nadu forest department have verified that Isha Yoga Centre is located on legally acquired patta land.


For over two decades, unfounded allegations have been leveled against Isha Foundation. However, every concerned authority has investigated these claims thoroughly and found no merit to them. The foundation’s buildings have been approved, and its activities have been conducted in accordance with the law.

The article’s attempts to defame Isha Foundation through fabricated stories and baseless accusations have failed. The truth stands firm in the face of such distortions.


Dr. Rahul Dubey


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