Decathlon Fitness Floormat Tonemat Maxi Grip: A Comprehensive Evaluation

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With the re-emergence of on-site work and fitness facilities, the question arises as to whether home workouts remain a prevalent option. While the industry is experiencing a surge, data indicates a preference for hybrid arrangements. Given the emphasis on personal hygiene, the benefits of owning an exercise or yoga mat are evident.

Materials and Construction

A crucial aspect of a suitable floormat is its material and construction. Foamy mats are prone to accelerated degradation during intensive workouts. The Decathlon Fitness Floormat Tonemat Maxi Grip employs a durable material that resists tearing. The textured surface enhances grip, while the mesh material beneath reduces slippage on various floor types.


During yoga practice, the mat effectively prevented slippage during downward-facing dog and rope work against the wall, despite significant force being exerted. The mat provides adequate support and cushioning, ensuring comfort and stability for various movements. Its firm-yet-cushioned rubber construction balances support and comfort.

Size and Portability

The mat’s dimensions are appropriate for individuals of varying heights, providing ample space for movement without stepping off. Its 8mm thickness allows for easy storage. Additionally, the dual-looped sling facilitates convenient transportation.

Value for Money

At SGD $38, the Decathlon Fitness Floormat Tonemat Maxi Grip offers a budget-friendly option. While it may not be the top choice for professional yogis or fitness trainers, it is a suitable choice for individuals seeking a reliable and affordable mat.


The Decathlon Fitness Floormat Tonemat Maxi Grip, while not extensively tested for durability, demonstrates promising performance in terms of grip, support, and value. Its unique features and reasonable price point make it a viable option for those seeking a quality floormat without breaking the bank.


Dr. Emily Carter

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