Dimerc’her Unveils Wellness-Focused 2023-24 Program

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By: Alice Thompson

Body Flow, Yoga on Chair, Yog’Art Introduced

Dimerc’her, a community-based organization, has announced its comprehensive program of activities for 2023-24, emphasizing well-being. Three new offerings, Body Flow, Yoga on Chair, and Yog’Art, will commence this fall.

Body Flow, a discipline accessible to individuals of all abilities, combines elements of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates. With its diverse range of movements and techniques, Body Flow enhances mobility, prevents falls, and promotes self-awareness.

Yoga on Chair, as its name suggests, is designed for participants of all fitness levels. Conducted in a seated position, this practice improves mobility, reduces the risk of falls, and fosters greater self-awareness. Sessions are tailored to individual needs, ensuring inclusivity.

Yog’Art is a joyful and relaxing workshop that encourages self-discovery and interpersonal connections. This convivial experience promotes wellness and fosters community.

Multifaceted Program Enriches Community

These three additions complement Dimerc’her’s existing array of activities:

  • Broderie
  • Piano
  • Genealogie
  • Gym
  • Sophrologie
  • Danse moderne
  • Randonnée
  • Poterie
  • Dessin pour enfants et adultes
  • Équitation
  • Taï-chi
  • Yoga

Community Engagement and Information

Dimerc’her will participate in Hanvec’s forum des associations on September 3rd at the salle Anne-Péron. For inquiries, contact 06 89 18 46 83 or visit www. facebook. com/asso. dimercher.

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