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Trans TV has curated an engaging schedule for Tuesday, July 12, 2022, featuring a diverse array of programs to cater to the entertainment preferences of its viewers.

The day commences with the spiritually uplifting program, Islam Itu Indah, followed by the informative Insert Pagi. CNN Indonesia Good Morning provides insightful news updates, while Pagi-Pagi Ambyar offers a lighthearted and entertaining start to the day.

The afternoon hours present a delectable lineup, beginning with the culinary adventures of Bikin Laper and the laughter-inducing Ketawa Itu Berkah. For those seeking respite from the daily grind, Talksik offers stimulating discussions.

The evening culminates in cinematic experiences with Bioskop Trans TV, showcasing gripping films such as Hacksaw Ridge and Code Name: Geronimo.

Trans TV Daily Schedule

  • 05:00: Islam Itu Indah
  • 06:30: Insert Pagi
  • 07:30: CNN Indonesia Good Morning
  • 08:30: Pagi-Pagi Ambyar
  • 09:45: Sinema Spesial Liburan – Kungfu Yoga
  • 11:30: Insert
  • 12:30: Brownis (Obrolan Manis)
  • 14:00: Rumpi (No Secret)
  • 15:00: Insert Today
  • 16:00: CNN Indonesia News Update
  • 16:30: Dream Box Indonesia
  • 17:30: Bikin Laper
  • 18:30: Ketawa Itu Berkah
  • 19:45: Insert Story
  • 20:30: Talksik (Talkshow Asik)
  • 21:30: Bioskop Trans TV – Hacksaw Ridge
  • 23:30: Bioskop Trans TV – Code Name: Geronimo
  • 01:30: CNN Indonesia Connected

Please note that the broadcast schedule may be subject to changes.

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