Embracing Indic Spirituality: A Personal Transformation

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By Raphael Elwell

Early Influences and the Search for Meaning

  • The author’s upbringing in a religious household, fostering a connection with spirituality.
  • A period of youthful rebellion and disillusionment, characterized by indulgence and aimlessness.
  • A yearning for purpose and connection, leading the author to explore various spiritual practices.

A Pivotal Encounter

  • The author’s discovery of Indic spirituality, specifically the teachings of Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
  • The transformative experience of learning Sudarshan Kriya, bringing about a profound sense of liberation.
  • The inspiration to spread joy and tranquility through the Art of Living Foundation.

Serving and Connecting

  • The author’s commitment to the Art of Living, serving in various capacities at the ashram in the Black Forest.
  • Becoming a certified teacher and sharing the benefits of kriya with others, including family members.
  • The impact of these practices on both the author’s personal relationships and the well-being of those around them.

Beyond Self: The Benefits of Seva

  • The transformative experience of reconnecting with his estranged father through the teachings of kriya.
  • The positive impact of these practices on individuals from diverse backgrounds, including a high-ranking African official.
  • The belief that sharing knowledge and well-being with others is a fulfilling and rewarding endeavor.

Reflections and Conclusions

  • The author’s journey from a state of restlessness to a life filled with purpose and joy.
  • The importance of embracing ancient practices and traditions to enhance well-being.
  • A call to action for individuals to prioritize their emotional and spiritual health over excessive reliance on external means.

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