Experience Aerial Yoga: Conquering Heights and Embracing Inclusivity

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Introduction: Unveiling the Aerial Journey of a Plus-Size Yogi

As a resident of New York City, I have developed a cautious approach towards novel experiences. However, my skepticism towards aerial yoga, a practice I had previously dismissed as unsuitable for my 300-pound frame, was challenged by the introduction of the curvy aerial yoga class at Power Plus Wellness. Organized by Jessica Diaz and Mia Jones, this class caters to individuals seeking a supportive fitness environment.

Class Experience: Embarking on an Empowering Journey

My aerial yoga debut at Om Factory, led by the experienced Kristin, commenced with familiarizing ourselves with the aerial hammock. As we engaged in initial stretches using the floating strap, I noticed a mild discomfort in my dominant hand. However, repeated hand openings and closures alleviated the tension. Kristin’s reassurance regarding the hammock’s capacity of 2,000 pounds instilled a sense of confidence within the class.

The subsequent sequence gradually tested our trust in the hammock. We assumed deep squat positions with legs extended, experimenting with circular movements guided by the fabric. This was followed by hamstring stretches, involving lifts of the back heel while supporting the leg on the hammock’s loop. Despite my apprehensions, the hammock offered unwavering support.

Taking Flight: Overcoming Fears and Discovering Empowerment

The highlight of the class was the inversion into Reclining Angle pose. Initially hesitant, I summoned my courage and leaned back into the hammock, suspending myself above the ground. This moment marked a profound shift in my perception of the fabric, transforming it from a fragile object to a sturdy support. Buoyed by the hammock’s embrace, I experienced a release from the gravitational burden on my joints.

The return to Savasana within the cocoon-like hammock was equally remarkable, yet accompanied by a lingering anxiety. Despite the gentle swaying, I found myself periodically glancing upwards to ensure the hammock’s integrity. With time, I anticipate this nervousness will subside, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the serenity of aerial yoga.

Reflections and Future Prospects

This experience has shattered my preconceived notions about aerial yoga and has demonstrated its accessibility to individuals of all sizes. The supportive atmosphere fostered by the class has encouraged me to confront my fears and embrace new challenges. I eagerly anticipate my next aerial yoga session, convinced that the hammock will continue to offer solace and empowerment.

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Isabella Rossi, a seasoned yoga enthusiast and resident of New York City, is passionate about promoting inclusivity and body positivity in fitness spaces. Her diverse experiences in various yoga lineages and her journey with aerial yoga have inspired her to share her insights and encourage others to embrace their unique bodies.

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