Exploring Varnashrama: A Comprehensive Examination

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The Gita Nagari farm community in Pennsylvania has announced its annual Labor Day retreat, to be held from September 2nd to 5th. This year’s retreat will focus on the intricate subject of Varnashrama Dharma.

Understanding Varnashrama

Varnashrama, a complex social structure, consists of four occupational groups (varnas) and four stages of life (ashramas). However, its intricacies and seemingly contradictory statements in Srila Prabhupada’s works have sparked debates within the devotee community.

Despite these challenges, Varnashrama held immense significance for Prabhupada, who believed it to be essential for the realization of the Divine. “50% of my work remains unfinished because I have not implemented Varnashrama Dharma,” he once stated.

Conference Objectives

The retreat aims to provide a balanced and multifaceted perspective on Varnashrama. Romapada Swami, the conference organizer, emphasizes the need for diverse viewpoints to fully comprehend this multifaceted concept.

The conference will explore the following key questions:

  • Did Srila Prabhupada advocate for Varnashrama?
  • If so, what did he envision as its implementation?
  • How can Varnashrama be practically realized in modern times?

Keynote Speakers

The conference will feature a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers:

  • Tukarama Das: Explore Prabhupada’s quotes on Varnashrama, seeking to harmonize diverse statements and establish a clear understanding of its principles.
  • Braja Bihari Das: Attempt to reconcile seemingly contradictory statements on Varnashrama and guide a constructive discussion on this complex topic.
  • Sivarama Swami: Discuss the vital importance of Varnashrama for devotees and provide practical steps for its implementation.
  • Devamrita Swami: Present the Amish as a contemporary example of a successful alternative social order.
  • Abhirama Das: Share personal instructions from Prabhupada on Varnashrama and explore the potential for cooperation with other like-minded communities.
  • Kaunteya Das: Provide an academic perspective on the diverse responses to Varnashrama within ISKCON.
  • Dhruva Das and Parijata Dasi: Discuss Prabhupada’s concept of spiritual rural communities and explore collaborations between farm and city ISKCON centers.

Program for Children

While adults engage in thought-provoking discussions, children aged 5-12 will participate in interactive activities:

  • Visit to an Amish farm
  • Evening campfire
  • Verse recitation
  • Local plant identification

Registration and Contact

To register for the retreat, please click here: [INSERT LINK]

For further inquiries, contact Satya-sara das at [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS]

We anticipate the participation of 200 devotees from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

The retreat will conclude with a summary by Romapada Swami, reinforcing the key insights gained throughout the conference.

We hope that through this retreat, devotees will gain a deeper understanding of Varnashrama and feel inspired to delve further into its practical implementation.

Indeed, the exploration of Varnashrama promises to be a transformative journey for all those who embrace its teachings.

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