FACES of Memphis: Rachel West and Jocelyn Brunotte, Founders of Mind/Body HAUS

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By Alissa Harb


In the spirit of starting the year with healthy habits, Mind/Body HAUS, a renowned fitness studio in Memphis, shares insights from their co-owners, Rachel West and Jocelyn Brunotte, to inspire their journey towards a more active lifestyle.

Background and Inspiration

Rachel and Jocelyn’s passion for movement stems from their early experiences in dance and gymnastics. After graduating from college, Jocelyn pursued a dance career in New York City. Rachel, on the other hand, found solace in yoga, which led her to share its benefits by becoming a certified yoga teacher.

Upon returning to the South, Jocelyn and Rachel’s paths intertwined, and they joined forces to establish Mind/Body HAUS. Their shared love for yoga and dance, coupled with their dedication to teaching, laid the foundation for their thriving studio.

Advice for Fitness Enthusiasts

As experienced fitness instructors, Rachel and Jocelyn offer valuable advice for those beginning their fitness journeys:

  • Find an activity that ignites your passion: Experiment with different classes or sports until you discover one that resonates with you.
  • Stay consistent: Avoid giving up prematurely. With consistency, your workouts will become enjoyable and even addictive.
  • Seek support: Engage a fitness buddy or accountability partner to enhance motivation and fun.

Challenges and Growth

Like any small business, Mind/Body HAUS has faced its share of challenges. Balancing motherhood with a demanding business has been one of Jocelyn’s main hurdles. For Rachel, adapting to the impact of COVID-19 on their operations and managing the growth of their teacher training program have presented significant challenges.

Despite these obstacles, they have employed effective strategies for overcoming them. Delegating tasks to trusted team members has allowed them to focus on crucial areas of their business, such as their teacher training programs and strategic growth initiatives.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Mind/Body HAUS has several exciting plans for 2023. They aim to launch barre fitness classes, host their fourth yoga retreat, and continue investing in educational opportunities for their teachers and the growth of their teacher training program.

Sources of Inspiration

To maintain their creative and innovative approach, Rachel and Jocelyn draw inspiration from a variety of sources:

  • Education: Books, podcasts, and social media provide fresh perspectives and knowledge.
  • Collaboration: Interacting and learning from their talented teachers and students.
  • Travel and experiences: Exposing themselves to different fitness studios and cultural influences.
  • The arts: Live dance and musical theatre performances spark their imagination and passion for movement.

Local Favorites

When not working out or teaching, Rachel and Jocelyn share their favorite spots in Memphis:

  • Dining: Acre, Catherine and Mary’s, Maciel’s, Rawgirls, City Silo
  • Shopping: Shelby Jewel, Madewell, Kittie Kyle, Athleta, City & State
  • Fitness: Mind/Body HAUS

Life Lessons

Through their personal and professional experiences, Rachel and Jocelyn have acquired valuable life lessons:

  • Find a mentor to guide your journey.
  • Gain practical experience through hard work and dedication.
  • Never cease learning and growing.
  • Understand the distinction between being an instructor and a teacher.


Rachel West and Jocelyn Brunotte, the co-founders of Mind/Body HAUS, are beacons of inspiration for anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental well-being through movement. They demonstrate the power of perseverance, innovation, and a genuine passion for sharing the transformative benefits of fitness.

Remember, finding an activity that ignites your passion is the key to a fulfilling fitness journey. Embrace the support of others, stay consistent, and never underestimate the power of education and inspiration to fuel your progress.

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