Family-Friendly Classes in Portland: Embark on a Shared Learning Journey

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  • The Portland Cookshop: Immerse your family in culinary adventures with their weekend “Family Workshops.” Learn to craft bagels or embark on a pasta-making extravaganza.
  • Feed the Mass: Foster intergenerational learning through affordable cooking classes. Discover the art of preparing dumplings, Pad Thai, and peanut butter and jelly like never before.



  • Tierra Educational Center: Engage in private family classes tailored to various age groups. Experience the joy of learning Spanish together.
  • Alliance Francaise of Portland: Immerse yourselves in the vibrant world of French. Play-oriented activities make learning a language a delightful adventure.
  • Portland Early Learning Project: Discover the intricacies of Spanish through engaging and interactive classes for parents and children.

American Sign Language

  • Portland Early Learning Project: Enroll in play-based courses that introduce the fundamentals of American Sign Language to families.

Art and Creativity

  • Assembly PDX: Unleash your inner artist as a family. Explore diverse craft techniques such as needle-felting, woodworking, and shibori.
  • Spark Arts Center: Join “Messy Art” studios, where imagination and creativity soar. Caregivers and young ones engage in hands-on art activities.
  • Vine Gogh “Gogh Kids”: Inspire budding artists with project-based painting classes. Kids can unleash their artistic potential with guidance from their caregivers.



  • Yoga Union: Foster mindful movement with weekly “Preschool Yoga and Storytime.” Engage in yoga poses, stories, and interactive games together.
  • Ready Set Grow: Choose from a comprehensive range of family-friendly yoga classes. “Multitasking Mamas & Papas Yoga” allows young ones to participate actively or engage in independent play.


  • Zumbini: Combine music, dance, and play in this high-energy class designed for parents and children under four.

Fitness for Parents

  • Stroller Strides with Fit4Mom: Get active with your little one in these stroller-based fitness classes. Children remain engaged through interactive activities during the workout.


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