Feline Fitness: The Rise of Cats on Mats Yoga

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Feline Fitness: The Rise of Cats on Mats Yoga

A unique and heartwarming fitness experience has emerged, combining the ancient practice of yoga with the playful presence of cats. Cats on Mats, a captivating event hosted by Tabby Tales Rescue and Savannah Yoga Barre, allows participants to immerse themselves in a yoga session while interacting with a host of adorable kittens.

The Genesis of Cats on Mats

Cats on Mats was born from the creative mind of Vanessa Lewallen, founder of Tabby Tales Rescue. Seeking innovative ways to support their non-profit organization, Lewallen was inspired by the growing popularity of cat yoga events. She shared her vision with Lynne McSweeney, owner of Savannah Yoga Barre, who enthusiastically embraced the idea and offered to host the inaugural event on National Cat Day in 2021.

A Purrfectly Successful Inaugural Event

The first Cats on Mats event was an unqualified success, showcasing the heartwarming connection between yoga and cats. The event raised significant funds for Tabby Tales Rescue and garnered widespread attention for its originality. Buoyed by the overwhelming response, Lewallen and McSweeney decided to establish Cats on Mats as a biannual event.

The Feline-Centric Yoga Experience

Cats on Mats is designed to be a welcoming and interactive experience for both yoga enthusiasts and animal lovers. During the event, a group of carefully selected kittens is released into the yoga studio, creating a playful and engaging atmosphere. The kittens are free to roam the studio, interact with participants, and provide a constant source of amusement and affection.

A Tailored Yoga Experience

To complement the feline presence, the yoga class itself is tailored to enhance the overall experience. McSweeney incorporates cat-themed poses, such as “downward cat” and “meow”, into the session. Additionally, she plays a soundtrack featuring feline-inspired music to create a harmonious ambiance.

The Benefits of Cats on Mats

Beyond the sheer joy of interacting with kittens, Cats on Mats offers several benefits. The presence of cats can promote relaxation and reduce stress levels, creating a calming and meditative environment. Additionally, the event provides a unique opportunity to learn more about animal welfare and support the work of Tabby Tales Rescue.


Cats on Mats has established itself as a beacon of innovation, combining the age-old practice of yoga with the heartwarming companionship of cats. This unique event not only provides a memorable fitness experience but also supports a worthy cause, fostering a sense of community and animal welfare.
Author: Dr. Emily Carter
Credit and Rights: OMG I Yoga

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