Find What Feels Good’s Yoga Studio: A Space for Movement and Inspiration

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Find What Feels Good’s Yoga Studio by KKDW Studios

By Emily Jones

Austin-based design firm KKDW Studios was commissioned to create the headquarters for Find What Feels Good, a yoga subscription app founded by renowned yoga instructor Adriene Mishler. The 5,000-square-foot studio, located in East Austin, serves as a welcoming and functional space for the Find What Feels Good team and a dedicated backdrop for filming instructional yoga videos.

Flexible and Functional Interior Design

KKDW Studios employed a modular design approach to create a flexible and multi-functional interior. All elements of the studio, from workstations to partitions, are bolted or mounted on wheels, allowing for easy reconfiguration to suit changing needs. The linear space is divided into zones, including a cozy lounge for communal gatherings, a fully equipped kitchen, and a row of private offices.

Natural Light and Controlled Lighting

The studio was designed to maximize the use of natural light, with an uninterrupted wall of windows facing one end of the space. However, the designers also considered the need for controlled lighting for filming yoga videos. The use of vertical slats in the lounge partition and retractable power outlets on workstations allows for precise adjustment of light levels.

Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

KKDW Studios sought to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and inspiration. The use of wood throughout the space, from wall paneling to furniture, contributes to the cozy ambiance. Textured beige fabrics and soft lighting further enhance the sense of comfort and tranquility.

Custom Furniture and Thoughtful Design

All furniture in the studio was custom-designed by KKDW Studios to meet the specific needs of the Find What Feels Good team. The furniture is designed to promote flexibility and ease of use, with power outlets integrated into workstations and retractable cords for easy access to power. The studio also features a large uninterrupted wall that provides a dedicated backdrop for filming yoga videos.

The Evolving Nature of Yoga and Home Workouts

Yoga, a practice combining physical, mental, and spiritual elements, has experienced a surge in popularity worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for home workouts, leading to the rise of platforms like Find What Feels Good. With its dedicated filming space and flexible design, the Find What Feels Good studio is well-positioned to meet the growing needs of yoga enthusiasts seeking instruction and guidance from home.

Photography by Kelly DeWitt and Andrea Calo


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