Fitness in the Lockdown – Virtual Workouts in India

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Fitness in the Lockdown – Virtual Workouts in India


Amidst the ongoing pandemic, social distancing has led to the closure of gyms and fitness studios. In response, fitness companies have shifted their focus towards virtual workouts. This article examines the current state of virtual fitness in India, highlighting the initiatives of leading platforms, the surge in fitness app downloads, and the adaptation of traditional gyms to the digital realm.

Focus on Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Fitness platforms are emphasizing the importance of physical and mental wellbeing during the lockdown. Curefit, for instance, has introduced live online fitness classes under its Cultfit brand, enabling members to stay active and motivated. GoQii, a fitness tracking app, has shifted its focus to coronavirus-related fitness and mental wellness videos, addressing the emotional and mental toll of the pandemic.

Surge in Fitness Apps

The lockdown has led to a significant increase in the usage of fitness apps. According to App Annie, the number of downloads of fitness apps in India grew by 30% during the week of March 22 to 28. Consumer spending on fitness applications also witnessed a 60% increase in India, surpassing the global average of 50%.

  • Curefit: 200,000 users joined its sessions within a week of launch.
  • Oga: Increased usage among beta testers and a surge in access requests.

Traditional Gyms Go Virtual

Traditional fitness center chains have also embraced the digital shift. Gold’s Gym, for instance, conducts live fitness classes on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The popularity of these videos is evident in the increase in video impressions and views.


The COVID-19 lockdown has accelerated the adoption of virtual workouts in India. Fitness companies are leveraging technology to replicate the experience of in-studio classes, addressing the physical and mental wellbeing of users during these challenging times. The surge in fitness app downloads and the adaptation of traditional gyms to the digital realm highlight the resilience and adaptability of the fitness industry in the face of adversity.




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